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Most girls and women during menstruation categorically refuse to make love, arguing that this is inconvenience, awkwardness, or it is simply not hygienic on their part. Some representatives of the weaker sex by no means refuse to even kiss their partner in order to avoid any continuation of such caresses. But still, where is the answer to the question – is it possible to have sex with your man during menstruation without a condom or categorically not?

First of all, remember – during the period of menstruation, it is not only possible, but also necessary to have sex. It is better not to restrain your sexual desire. If you want it – do it! And finally throw out of your head unnecessary thoughts that only interfere with you!
After all, everyone agrees with me, those people who have an active sex life look much more cheerful, better, and they get sick less than others. So why stop yourself during your period? In fact, the negative impact has not been proven in any way, but the people managed to invent myths and various tales. The main thing to remember is that during such a period, the likelihood of introducing STIs (sexually transmitted infections) to both men and women increases. For this reason, for the benefit of your health, it is best to use a condom. By the way, making love during such a period for a woman reduces pain.
Can you get pregnant during your period if you don’t use a condom?
For all women who are very afraid of getting pregnant during this period, I want to say that making love during menstruation gives a very small chance that the egg will be fertilized and attached to the uterus. This can only happen if you have a very shortSEX DURING PERIOD WITHOUT A CONDOMmenstrual cycle. In practice, many people know that during coitus interruptus, it is not able to 100 percent protect a woman from pregnancy. And all because the ejaculatory fluid secreted by a man during arousal contains mobile and viable spermatozoa. The number of spermatozoa in the male fluid is very small, but sometimes a single spermatozoon is enough for a female egg to be fertilized. Therefore, in order to save yourself from any risks, I recommend that you follow a few simple and uncomplicated rules:

  1. Forget about sudden movements in sex. Everything should be smooth and neat.
     2. For your own health, do not forget to use condoms.
     3. Both men and women must follow the rules of personal hygiene.
     4. It is best to cover the bed with something so as not to spoil everything around.
     5. In the first days of menstruation, when a woman’s discharge is plentiful, it is best to limit yourself to kisses and hugs
     . 6. Sex should take place with the consent of both parties, a mutual decision made will only bring pleasure to partners.
    From all this we can conclude that during menstruation, you can make love. But I would also like to put and weigh on the scales all the pluses and all the minuses.
  • Having sex during menstruation will save a woman from pain in the lower abdomen;
  • Due to bodily love, a possible reduction in the duration of menstruation;
  • On such days, a woman’s sexual excitability increases, due to strong circulation; blood in the lower sections, which makes it possible to feel an orgasm much stronger than usual;
  • Also, one of the options may be oral sex;
  • For a variety of sexual games, you can move to the bathroom;


  • During the period of menstruation, it is better to exclude sex without a condom, either use a condom, or get a chance of contracting any infection
  • During menstruation, in order to avoid increased bleeding, sex should be done very carefully.
  • Despite all the inventions of people, pregnancy can occur during this period.

Well, now it’s up to you. And only you can decide whether to have sex without a condom during critical days. Weigh all the "pros" and "cons" on the scales and accept for yourself a clear "yes" or "no". After all, if you follow all the rules and personal hygiene, there is nothing wrong with that. Do not give in to stereotypes, but listen only to your needs and do what you want!
Be healthy and love each other!

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