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Guys love modest girls. But not in the bedroom. At night, the laws of looseness, passion come into force and all taboos are sent to the trash can. Most representatives of the stronger sex dream that their partner does all the same tricks that porn actresses perform. In this case, you should not go too far. Otherwise, the guy will suspect that you are too experienced for your age.

What do men like about sex?

  • To see that the process interests a woman no less than a man. Guys don’t like it when a girl does a favor by letting him in on her body. After all, they are sure that the lady wants sex no less. For example, a girl should take off clothes from a guy with the same speed and desire. 
  • Sight. Men adore the excited look of a woman. Do you still think that short skirts and revealing sweaters should be worn on a date? In fact, in order to excite a man, a fur coat will be enough for you. But with your eyes, you must make it clear to the guy that under this fur coat there is a hot body that wants to be mastered. During the intimate process, the look is no less important. According to him, a man will be able to determine whether you have reached an orgasm, what you are experiencing, and whether you have fallen asleep at all due to disappointment.
  • Various poses. All men are different. One may like to make love in the missionary position, the other will wait for the lady to be in the cowgirl position. But most of the gentlemen love to experiment. If you put on stockings and lie down on the table, offering a man to test his strength, he will only be happy.


Remember that before moving on to intimacy, you need to establish a spiritual connection with your partner. If you love a man and know that he loves you, sex will move from instinctive intercourse to a new deeper level of your relationship. Then it will be easier for you to understand what a man loves in sex. That way, you don’t have to ask him. Your intuition will tell you about it.

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