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Drama for a lady


On the eve of the international day on March 8, we decided to dedicate the film critic column of our magazine, of course, to the ladies and their favorite genre – drama. After all, “lady" and “drama” rhyme so wonderfully!

One more

Instructive Scandinavian-Dutch drama starring Mads Mikkelsen. His character is a high school history teacher going through a midlife crisis. One day, with three of his friends, he decides to test the so-called theory of congenital lack of 0.5 ppm of alcohol in the blood. According to this theory, if you drink small portions of alcohol every day, you become calmer, more confident and happier. In the beginning, the friends begin to drink a little, and their lives really improve. But the decision to slowly increase the dose becomes fatal and leads to a real tragedy.

A film about a midlife crisis, about friendship, love, male complexes. This is a real life drama, in which there is a place for both comical and tragic moments.

Country: Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden
Year: 2020
Duration: 117 minutes


A drama based on a true story and a 2007 novel of the same name by John Preston. Starring Ralph Fiennes, Carey Mulligan and Lily James. The events take place in the suburbs of London at the beginning of World War II. A young widow, Edith Pretty, invites digger Basil Brownod to dig a mound on her land. A woman has a flair for the fact that a historical value rests inside him. Intuition fails the main character. Soon, a huge old ship is discovered inside the barrow. Professional archaeologists join the excavations. Now the finds from the Pritty Mound are of state value and no longer belong to the owner of the land. Meanwhile, the news of Hitler’s attack on Great Britain is becoming more and more alarming…

The film will appeal to fans of costume movies, adventure stories about the search for artifacts and, of course, fans of the work of Ralph Fiennes and Carey Mulligan.

Year: 2021
Duration: 112 minutes
Country: USA


Retro drama starring Margot Robbie. The action takes place in the 1930s in Kansas. The heroine of Margot Robbie is the bank robber Allison Wells. Her last robbery ended quite tragically and resulted in a number of victims. Allison lost her partner and was hurt herself. For the capture of the criminal, a fabulous reward of 10 thousand dollars was appointed for those times. The girl desperately hides in the barn of local deputy sheriff George. Here she is found by George’s 17-year-old stepson, Eugene Evans. The young man is a huge fan of crime detectives, and Allison quickly succeeds in drawing Eugene into her world and getting him to help her.

The film will appeal to fans of Margot Robbie and costume movies.

Year: 2019
Duration: 101 minutes
Country: USA

Fragments of a woman

Drama starring Vanessa Kirby and Shia LaBeouf. Their heroes are a young couple in love Martha and Sean. They are looking forward to their first child. Martha decides to give birth at home. She comes to the aid of a midwife. However, soon after the birth, the newborn daughter of the main characters dies. The midwife is blamed for the incident. It’s going to be a long and ugly trial. In the meantime, Martha decides not to bury her daughter and give her little body for the benefit of science.

The film is incredibly realistic and conveys in detail the scene of the birth of a baby. To the depths of his soul, he will touch the heart of any woman, both an already established mother and a parent in the future.

Country: Hungary, USA, Canada
Year: 2020
Duration: 128 minutes

Friends forever

Drama starring Casey Affleck, Dakota Johnson and Jason Segel. Nicole and Matt are married, they have two young daughters and a wonderful friend Dane. The latter’s personal life is just beginning to improve after moving to another city, when he learns about Nicole’s fatal illness. A woman with cancer and her days are numbered. Matt can’t do it alone, taking care of his wife, kids and home. Then Dane, like a true friend, decides to return to help Matt. Initially, he plans to stay with friends for a few weeks, but it soon becomes obvious that he needs to stay longer…

This film is about true friendship and deep love. He teaches each of us to appreciate our life, every moment of it, to try to fulfill our true desires and communicate with people who are truly dear to us today, because tomorrow may not be

Year: 2019
Duration: 124 minutes
Country: USA

Happy Holidays, dear ladies, and enjoy your viewing!

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