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Each of us has someone “ex" in our arsenal, one has an ex-husband, the other has a former lover, and the third has a fan. We are connected with them by various memories: quite sad, a little happy, but these are common memories! Tears have long dried up, the soul no longer hurts, life is beautiful, and you are ready for a new relationship. But a chance meeting with him, his look and touch clearly make you understand: the ex wants sex! And here in your head one question sounds: to be or not to be?

Psychologists say that more than 50% of former partners meet again and again in bed, and 20% of these meetings end in a wedding. Suddenly? But these are statistics…


Now you need to figure out what can provoke you to a positive answer and admit to yourself that you are not against sex with your ex.

1 Sex in the hope of returning the relationship. If old grievances are forgotten, tenderness and love come to the fore. You understand that he is the best man in your life, and he admits that you are the only woman he cannot live without. Then this is the beginning of your new relationship! Go ahead and "don’t step on the same rake twice", both of you have realized your past mistakes and will try to never repeat them in the future. 

2 Sex for friendship. You lost romance in a past relationship, but you still appreciate and respect each other, you have many common interests, and if, after a “glass of tea” and discussing some problems, the former wants sex, don’t refuse! This is a well-deserved bonus for your friendship, let the two of you be fine, and you will say words of love to someone else. 

3 Sex for self-assertion. This is a good option for sex with an ex, if you will assert yourself. Only such sex should be a reward to the former for his courtship and care for you.

4 Sex for health. A good way to relieve irritation and get physical and emotional relaxation, as prolonged abstinence has unpleasant consequences for the female body. Such sex is necessary if communication with the former brings you positive emotions, and you have not yet met another man.

5 He is the best at sex. How many men you already had after him, but they absolutely do not understand how to bring you to ecstasy – use this intimacy without romantic feelings, do not forget that your Man will soon appear, who will outdo your ex in sex. 

6 Common children. You have separated for a long time and do not experience negative emotions for each other, then joint outings with children “in the light” can cause erotic thoughts to appear. Try sex with an ex, and maybe you will become one family again and one-time sex will gradually develop into a “honeymoon”.


Not to be!

1 Hope to return the relationship. For you, sex with an ex was an act of reunion of two hearts, but for him it was just physical contact and you did not notice any manifestations of love on his part – send him away from your bed and your heart. Sex cannot glue together relationships that have already collapsed, but it will provide you with mental suffering.

2 Sex for friendship. Such a story is considered immoral if you have regular partners. Sometimes it is not very pleasant to realize yourself in the role of a lover and destroyer of your own and someone else’s "nest".

3 Sex for self-assertion. If after the breakup of your relationship (the initiative of the breakup came from him) your self-esteem has dropped a lot, and the former wants sex again, refuse him! After all, after your consent, his pride will increase by several points – you have become easy prey for him, and after his departure you can sob into the pillow for a long time. 

4 Sex for health. Such sex can distract you from finding true love and can drag on for many years. Immediately put an end to such relationships as soon as a worthy candidate appears on the horizon. And health can be maintained in other ways: sports and masturbation do not require male participation at all.

5 He’s the best at sex. The former can be both passionate and gentle, and at any moment come to your aid, but then calmly inform after sex that he is going to marry another in a week. Think about whether you need such stress. 

6 Common children. The probability of becoming a constant mistress of an ex-husband is quite high, and this is not a particularly pleasant role for a woman. Refuse him once and for all if both of you are not going to reanimate your feelings and restore family life. Feel free to break off these relationships – let him go with the children to the circus or cinema, and at this time you will take care of yourself.

No one has ever been able to come up with a universal answer to the question: to have or not to have sex with an ex? One thing is for sure: if the ex wants sex, this is a rather dangerous situation and you will have to make the decision yourself until you meet your One and Only!

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