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How to prolong a male orgasm


How many words, assumptions and scientific studies have been devoted to the female orgasm! The complex, elusive, unpredictable female orgasm has been and remains the subject of controversy and discussion over the years. The male orgasm is considered, as a rule, always unequivocally: either it is present, or – alas … In this article, the women’s magazine allforwomen.inform.click will talk about what sexual problems concern the strong half of humanity, about ways that allow you to strengthen and prolong male orgasm.

The male orgasm is no less complex than the female. Its quality and the ability of a man to achieve the highest pleasure depend on many factors, including the ability and desire of a woman to enhance the male orgasmto please your partner. A man can get great satisfaction from sexual intercourse, or he can remain indifferent. Although, in terms of physiological, everything will be fine – sexual intercourse will occur and end with ejaculation. This is the main mistake: most of us equate ejaculation with orgasm. However, male nature is designed in such a way that he can experience one without the other. Ejaculation (ejection of semen) is involuntary, such as during medical procedures, and is not accompanied by an orgasm. Conversely, frequent sex with the woman you love sometimes ends in orgasms without ejaculation, simply because the sperm has run out.

Most men claim that they easily reach orgasm, but all orgasms differ in the strength of their manifestation. Many men admit that it is possible to strengthen the male orgasm if you “surrender to the will of the waves" and try to get rid of all the problems that greatly interfere with complete dissolution in your partner. Smart women know how to turn on a man, how to enhance and prolong a male orgasm. And a huge role here is played by the mood of a man, his state of mind.

How to prolong a male orgasm

We turn off the head – turn on the libido

The psychology of sexuality, both in women and in men, has the same settings. If a man is tired at work, if he is physically exhausted, sex fades into the background for him. And in this case it is useless to demand the fulfillment of "marital duties." But, on the other hand, sex is a great release that allows you to get out of depression and cheer up. Why don’t we women take the lead? Only in this case it is necessary to act unobtrusively, gently. No aggression and straightforwardness – come from afar. Delicious dinner, pleasant music, beautiful peignoir… Start with a massage, let the man relax and feel your care. Gradually, your caresses should become more persistent, more focused, and the result will not keep you waiting – the end of this foreplay will be stunning.

Precise impact – we prolong the male orgasm

The erogenous zones of a woman are dispersed throughout the body, while in a man they are located closer to the "center". Therefore, in order for the male orgasm to take place, first of all, you need to stimulate the penis. If you want to give your man an unforgettable experience, prolong the male orgasm – learn to handle his main erogenous zone. Blowjob and caresses with hands can enhance the male orgasm, because with our lips we can grab the penis more tightly, or rather influence it.

Several ways to enhance the male orgasm

1 Abstinence. Nothing excites the male half of humanity so much as forced abstinence. Especially if sex is impossible for quite prosaic reasons: a long business trip, workload, or just a simple refusal on the part of a girl. It especially “turns on” a man if, during the forced abstinence, they try to seduce him or “warm up” him in some other way. Tease your partner, play with him like a cat with a mouse – this will make your sex unforgettable and enhance the male orgasm. Just do not delay with abstinence, otherwise it will affect your health.
2 Spontaneous sex. Spontaneous sex always excites and allows you to experience strong sensations. Provoke your man in some unusual place – an elevator, an entrance or a park. A sudden desire will make a sex giant out of anyone. It is not necessary to make all your sexual relationships extreme, but sometimes such experiments are necessary for every couple. Spontaneous sex in an unusual environment can give a lot of unforgettable, strong impressions and prolong the male orgasm.
3 Prelude. Foreplay is just as important for a man as it is for a woman. Do not forget about erotic lingerie and foreplay. Dance for him, whisper pleasant words in his ear, set, in the end, a beautifully served table – with wine and light snacks. Create, experiment – the more exciting the foreplay, the stronger the orgasm for you and your partner.
4 Emotions belong here. It’s no secret that the quality of sex is greatly influenced by the emotional background. There is a fairly popular opinion that a woman can only have an orgasm with a loved one, and a man, in principle, does not care with whom to have sex, the partner just needs to excite him physically. It’s a delusion. Any relationship in a couple is made up of physiological attraction and the opportunity to experience joint emotional experiences. Common impressions, shocks (both good and negative) bring partners together, bring character and individuality into their relationship.

It is very possible to make sex unforgettable and prolong the male orgasm. Sexual relations are an area that lends itself perfectly to adjustment. Change serious faces to joyful ones, add an element of creativity and do not be afraid to experiment – you will definitely succeed!

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