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The modern lifestyle of the average person is full of stress, troubles at work, overwork and other negative factors. The perfect anti-stress medicine is sex! But what if it was not possible to find a permanent partner in such a crazy rhythm? In such a situation, sex without obligations comes to the rescue. Today, society is not so critical of promiscuity. And the line between the free and the one that is given without a relationship to different men in connection with what is considered a girl of easy virtue has practically disappeared. Now the status of a woman primarily depends on her personal qualities: prudence, education, success, charisma, self-esteem, self-confidence, and not on how many sexual partners she has.

What is "good" sex without commitment?

This state of affairs, of course, left its mark on the perception by young girls of the opportunities that opened up not so long ago before the fair sex. Now a young lady does not have to keep herself for one single man, whom she will serve for the rest of her life. But there is nothing unambiguous in the world. Such conditions of freedom of action for a mature woman are the norm of life. But such permissiveness for young fools is a real danger of getting into an unpleasant story. Watching how liberated attractive older girls can be, girls in puberty think that they are no worse. At best, underage "seductresses" look stupid, at worst they find big troubles for their "fifth point".


As for adult ladies, sex dating without obligations can be a completely harmless hobby only if the girl reasonably approaches the search for a partner and takes into account all the necessary precautions.

Precautionary measures

Most importantly, we can say the golden rule of sex is the means of protection at the time of direct intimacy. Contraceptives are what will protect a woman of any age from a number of unforeseen circumstances:

– leucorrhoea – inflammation of the vagina and external genitalia;

– unwanted pregnancy;

– obstruction of the fallopian tubes, as a consequence of a sexually transmitted disease;

– removal of reproductive organs, as a consequence of complication of venereal diseases;

– infertility.

In addition, an equally important method of precaution is the search for the partner himself. There are many sites and pages, groups in social networks where you can find sex without obligation without registration, which means anonymously. However, this, first of all, suggests that it is not known who the potential partner will turn out to be. It is very important to realize that at best they may turn out to be an uninteresting stupid lover, and at worst a person with an unbalanced psyche or even a maniac.

Types of sex without commitment or where to find a safe partner

There are three main types of situations in which sex without circumstances takes place: casual sex, conscious but not planned, and permanent, but without a relationship.


Casual sex. As a rule, such intimacy is possible at a party, where the level of fun has grown from boring into a "drunk breakaway". So alcohol does its job, and the girl is no longer so vigilant, but on the contrary, she is looking for opportunities to "come off to the fullest." It is not bad here to understand who the choice fell on and whether the girl has contraceptives. Yes! It is she who must think of her defense. And we’re not talking about pills. Remember, the most reliable tool is a condom. 

Conscious sex. Brings more pleasure. As a rule, it happens with a person whom you know well, but your communication has never turned into sexual intimacy. Such sex is dangerous because feelings may arise after it, because one of the partners may begin to want more. 

Constant sex without a relationship. Ideal for those who care about their health. You can be completely confident in your partner, know that he has no diseases, and have fun. The main thing is not to fall in love, because one of you will want a serious relationship, while the other will just have sex.

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