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How to calculate salary by hour


In the course of economic activity, situations arise when it is necessary to calculate wages per hour of work. Usually this is calculated for overtime work or for an incomplete month worked.

To calculate overtime pay, determine the employee’s salary. You can get this information from an employment contract, an employee’s personal card or an employment order. For example, an employee is entitled to a salary of 10,000 rubles.

After that, determine the number of required working hours in a month. To do this, you can use the production calendar or time sheet. For example, an employee must work 168 hours.

After calculating all the indicators, divide the amount of salary by the number of hours worked in a month. The resulting number will be the amount of payment for one hour of work. For example, the amount of payment for one hour of work of the above employee is calculated as follows: 10,000 rubles / 168 hours = 59.52 rubles.

If you are calculating overtime pay, you should be aware that the overtime pay must be increased. When working up to two hours of work in excess of the daily norm, you must pay one and a half times more than for a regular hour of work. If overtime per day amounted to more than two hours, then the salary per hour of work must be paid in double the amount. For example, an employee worked overtime for 1.5 hours. Thus, the payment will be calculated as follows: 1.5 hours 59.52 rubles 1.5 (rate) = 133.92 rubles

Some employees are assigned to work at night. In this case, it is also worth calculating the hourly rate. To do this, also calculate the salary, the required number of hours per month, and divide these two indicators. Then add up the number of hours worked at night and multiply by 20 percent. The amount received must be paid to the employee.

In some cases, it is necessary to calculate the average wage for one hour of work. To do this, add up the payment for all 12 months of work, calculate the number of hours worked. Divide the amount received by the calculated hourly rate.

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