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For sexual desire (libido) is responsible for the activity of the adrenal glands, testes in men and ovaries in women, metabolism, participation of the brain. In many ways, libido depends on the level of hormones. Scientists have come to the conclusion that brunettes are more sexually addicted than blondes. Tall people have a weaker libido than short ones, and a full woman is aroused more quickly than a thin one. The population of the southern countries is more temperamental in sexual terms than the northern ones.

Men are very different from women in sex drive.

Representatives of the stronger sex are excited more and faster than women. This happens even before the onset of sexual intercourse, during which the desire intensifies, and after orgasm and ejaculation, the excitement completely disappears.

There are impotent men (do not have an erection or it is very weak, which does not allow sexual intercourse) and low potency (ejaculation occurs very quickly). Men are very excited by the sight of the female genital organs and touching them, the awareness that the woman is also experiencing sexual arousal. The insulting phrase of a woman greatly suppresses male desire.

The fair sex does not react so strongly to all stimuli, and it is more difficult to excite them than men. SEXUAL EXCITATIONSo, seeing a handsome man, a woman is half as excited as a man at the sight of an attractive woman. If a man turns on when he sees a naked woman, then a lady may generally perceive the male genitalia unpleasantly. Statistics say that 50% of women do not experience any erotic reaction when they see a naked man. If a man, knowing that sexual intercourse will soon take place, is excited, then many women do not feel anything at the same moment.

And how mechanical stimuli affect sexual arousal – caresses, in other words. By touching the erogenous zone and stimulating it, you can turn the most dull pessimist in sex, the main thing is to be able to do it masterfully. A man begins to feel arousal and after 20-30 seconds this provokes blood flow to the pelvis, and the outflow is difficult due to the narrowing of the veins. This is how an erection occurs. We will not talk about it in detail, since everyone knows how it looks. A man is very tense sexually and he wants to release his excitement. During intercourse, the erection becomes stronger, the excitement is even greater, the heartbeat and breathing become more frequent.

Suspension of friction during intercourse makes it possible to prolong the erection.

Indeed, in this case, the excitation weakens and the outflow of blood increases. Having resumed frictions, potency also resumes.

Women need foreplay.

Their sexual organs are not ready for sex just like men. There are exceptions – very temperamental women who can be excited more and faster than men. A woman with medium sensitivity should be given more attention, otherwise she will not have lubrication.
During arousal, the genitals of a woman also change. Blood flows to them more intensively, which leads to an increase in the small lips and a change in their color from pink to red. The clitoris is about twice as big. The vagina itself swells, becomes moist and very hot and tight due to muscle contraction. Nipples become large and excited.

Enough to be said about the orgasm.

In fact, it is not so easy to describe it. These feelings are incomparable. At the moment of orgasm, a person feels warmth, which, as it were, is released from the genitals and disperses throughout the body. Then comes the pulsation in the pelvic area and genital muscles. All this is mixed with extraordinary ecstasy, sighs, groans, pleasant convulsions and rhythmic movements of the body. 
The same person can experience an orgasm of different strengths.

Moreover, with the same partner you can feel completely different orgasms, or vice versa, with different partners there can be an orgasm of a completely different nature. Most often, orgasms of varying degrees are felt by women: it can be short-lived or frantically long and exciting. There are women who can experience many repeated orgasms with a frequency of 1-2 minutes. Some generally feel 3-4 orgasms in one sexual intercourse. 

A small percentage of the fair sex are satisfied only after they experience many clitoral orgasms. It’s hard to believe, but their number can vary from 10 to 20 times. SEXUAL EXCITATIONSuch women need either a special partner, or a direct and simple approach to him. A man may not be aware of such abilities and desires of his woman, so it is worth talking frankly about this. 

After orgasm, the reverse process takes place in the body: the blood from the genitals gradually leaves, the erection weakens, the penis becomes soft and decreases. If a man was very excited, then the erection does not immediately disappear, but in a gradual manner. The excitation of a woman remains for another 10-20 minutes after orgasm, while a man loses desire immediately after ejaculation.

The sexual activity of men and women is very different.

A man under 25 experiences a sexual need to a greater extent than a woman at that age. The peak of sexual desire falls on 25-30 years, then gradually decreases. This does not apply to all men. Some are still wow what a macho and in 70 years. The peak of sexual activity of women falls on 25-28 years, some even 30 years.

It is this discrepancy between the sexual life of partners that can lead to misunderstanding: a man wants, but a woman does not, and vice versa. Particular attention should be paid to this, because disagreements can be very serious, which leads to a break in relations.

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