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The appearance of a child in the family is a new stage in the life of spouses. Soon they will experience all the joys of life with this tiny creature. The whole life changes dramatically, which does not depend on the parents themselves. The sexual life of the spouses is also changing. This is influenced by many different physiological and psychological factors. It is especially difficult for those who have a first child, because it is necessary to adapt to a new way of life.

Sex after childbirth.

Childbirth for a woman is a very complex process that requires a long recovery. Basically, the sexual life of a couple after childbirth depends on the course of pregnancy, childbirth itself, complications after them, the emotional state of the woman, physical well-being and other other factors. If, during pregnancy, a woman felt normal, the birth was quite easy and without medical intervention, then it is easier for a woman to resume sexual activity. The recovery period of a woman lasts a month or more, during which the uterus is completely cleared and returns to its previous state. After a few weeks, the woman begins to feel good, the discharge stops and you can resume sexual life.

If a woman had tears or an incision was made, then in this case it will be a little more difficult to recover for sexual life, because for a woman this is not only physical discomfort, but also stress. Doctors recommend such a woman to start sexual life no earlier than eight weeks after childbirth. That is how long it takes for a woman’s birth canal to return to normal. The attending gynecologist will tell the exact period without sexual activity, he will determine it based on the severity of injuries or sutures during childbirth.

Doctors do not recommend having sex earlier than six weeks after giving birth.

You have to wait until the uterus is completely healed. If you start having sex earlier, then there is a possibility of introducing any infection into the uterine cavity, cervix or vagina. The greatest concern is endometritis – inflammation of the uterus, which can have very bad consequences for the health and even life of a woman. The second danger is the resumption of bleeding from vessels damaged by childbirth.

A woman should start sexual life after childbirth after visiting a gynecologist.

The doctor will confirm that the uterus has returned to its previous shape and is ready for sexual relations. The gynecologist should help to choose those contraceptives that are now suitable for a woman. Also, a woman should be ready for a new stage of relations with her man. Everyone knows that sex after childbirth becomes completely different. SEXUAL LIFE AFTER BIRTHStatistics say that half of women who have given birth three months after giving birth experience discomfort during sex. These women say that intimate life does not bring them pleasure. About 20% of women generally avoid sexual intimacy throughout the year, it is so unpleasant for them. The remaining 30% of women lead a normal sexual life two months after giving birth.

If a woman was stitched due to ruptures or episiotomy, then the nerve endings damaged during a rupture or incision of the perineum could be clamped in them. This can lead to soreness during sex, even in those positions that the woman delivered the highest pleasure. Over time, the soreness should pass, because the nerve adapts to new conditions. 
After birth sutures, the configuration of the vagina may change. The skin and mucous membranes around the entrance to the vagina and perineum become especially sensitive. If you press on the area of ​​​​the seam, then there is a dull pain, which will pass with time. To alleviate the situation and avoid scarring, you can try smearing the seams with ointments. Solcoseryl, Kontratubeks work well.
Particularly noticeable is the expansion of the vagina after childbirth. It becomes quite relaxed, because during childbirth it missed the baby, and this requires a lot of stretching. No need to worry that this condition of the vagina will remain permanent. It will take a few weeks and it will return to its original shape. Do not listen to those who say that after childbirth the vagina becomes so wide that the woman then does not feel the penis. This cannot be.

The first few times a woman may feel a weaker man, because her vagina has not yet regained its former elasticity, but then everything will work out. The main thing is to mentally set yourself up normally, that everything will be fine with you and your man. If you scare yourself with other people’s fictions about sex after childbirth, then, of course, sex will not be the best. You need to regularly do Kegel exercises, they will help to quickly return the vagina to its previous shape. If these exercises were regularly done during pregnancy, then after childbirth there will be no problems with the elasticity of the vagina. Muscles become developed and soon they return to normal.SEXUAL LIFE AFTER BIRTHIt happens that men also begin to worry about the fact that they do not feel the walls of the vagina. They need to be reasonable about this and understand that such a condition of the vagina is temporary and soon the sexual life with a woman will be normal.

One must be informed that sometimes there are violations of the anatomy of the vagina. This can happen after surgery. A woman notices that pain during sex does not stop for months, then she turns to the gynecologist who treats her, who decides on the necessary operation.

As for women who gave birth by caesarean section, it is easier for them, because their vagina and cervix did not succumb to changes and remain the same as before childbirth. But do not think that they are very lucky, because they have a seam on the uterus, and this is also very difficult. Doctors recommend resuming sexual activity even later than after normal childbirth.

Almost all women after childbirth feel a lack of the hormone estrogen in the body.

Most often, it manifests itself as depression, as well as minor problems, such as vaginal dryness, which makes intercourse unpleasant and forces the use of lubricants. Those who are breastfeeding a baby should carefully study the composition of the lubricant. Many of them contain ingredients that are contraindicated in lactation.

It should not be ignored that a large percentage of women do not feel any problems during sex after childbirth. They claim that sex, on the contrary, has become wonderful, and orgasms are unforgettable. Moreover, most women experience an orgasm for the first time just after giving birth. If any inconvenience is present, you can always use the technique of oral sex in order to compensate for the trouble. Do not forget about such a pleasant way to deliver and receive pleasure.

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