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Small business for a woman: making plush bouquets


Most of the fair sex adore flowers and soft toys. And the guys do not miss the opportunity to please the girl with an exquisite bouquet of flowers or a cute soft toy. So recently, smart people thought, why not combine these two items into a single whole – this is how the idea of ​​​​creating bouquets of soft toys was born for the first time.

Choosing such a bouquet as a gift for a girl, you can be sure that he will impress her.
Firstly, it is beautiful, secondly, it is unusual and very cute.

Summing up all of the above, the question arises – is the idea of ​​u200bu200bcreating such bouquets suitable as a home business for women?
Of course, yes!
And how competently you will be able to implement it in life will entail satisfactory results, both financially and in terms of self-realization.

Small business for a woman: making plush bouquets

Where to begin?
You need to start as usual with the “bouquet as a gift" option. Despite a decent initial investment, your costs will pay off very soon. This is due to the fact that the cost of such a bouquet will be high, and for labor it will be possible to throw it on top. But this is only if the bouquet made by you is of very high quality and presentable.
So, make at least three bouquets that you can present as a gift.

To create them you will need:
soft toys (bear cubs, bunnies, kittens, dogs, etc.);
sewing machine;
overlock (a type of machine for overcasting fabric sections);
cutting equipment;
glue gun;
filler for toys;

Small business for a woman: making plush bouquets

To minimize the cost of the cost of a bouquet, buy toys at small wholesale outlets, and accessories at a large, specialized store. The total amount will be much lower than if you bought toys at retail. The ideal option would be if you make toys by hand, but this requires experience and certain skills. Therefore, at the initial stage, it is better to limit yourself to purchased samples.

Next, you have to proceed directly to the execution of the bouquet. There are a huge number of special master classes on the Internet. And in the city, as part of some art exhibitions, various seminars are often held on this topic. After that, try to make a bouquet yourself. Important advice: be sure to treat this activity with a sense of responsibility and genuine interest. Believe me, a thing can often convey the mood and intention of the one who made it, and people have such a psychology that allows them to spend money on the thing that will be made according to the principle “you just can’t find fault with it.” Never take the time to sit down and redo a failed option. Only by trial and error, it will be possible to create a bouquet that will be nice to keep for yourself. Well, the biggest plus will be the fact

Small business for a woman: making plush bouquets

Find a client
As mentioned above, the first steps should be taken based on considerations of altruism and selflessness. There is a good expression in business that says “First you work for the name, then the name works for you”; that is why creating an initial favorable impression is a must. After you give a few bouquets as a gift (not forgetting to mention that you also accept orders), people will definitely turn to you again. And again we return to the fact that for this you must make a bouquet of the highest quality.
Later, after the first orders start coming in, just tell your friends and acquaintances about what you are doing – they, in turn, will tell someone else, etc.

After you have completed a few bouquets as a gift, it’s time to share this thought with other people. To do this, create pages on social networks. To begin with, conduct a little monitoring of which of the social networks your friends and acquaintances are sitting on, where you can find a potential audience. At the initial stage, it makes sense to take advantage of existing pages that offer the manufacture of crafts and souvenirs. There are also many different marketplaces that allow you to place an advertisement for making bouquets from plush toys.

And one more thing: be sure to take pictures, take as many pictures as possible.
Try to take really high-quality, beautiful photos that will increase the desire of a potential customer to purchase your product.

Well, as for the price, you can set the price that will satisfy you. And if you throw a lot for work, then you must make this work worth its money. Indeed, a carelessly and carelessly made bouquet will spoil the impression not only of the giver, but also of the one who was the author of such a “masterpiece”.

Small business for a woman: making plush bouquets

Legal registration
In this case, if things go uphill over time, there will be a need for legal registration of their activities. In this case, you can create both a limited liability company and formalize the status of an individual entrepreneur – by the way, the second option is the most preferable, since it is much simpler than the first. The state duty for registration of IP for 2014 is only 800 rubles; you can register an individual entrepreneur both independently and with the help of special registrars (although you will have to pay a little extra for the service).
And as for the name: in the case of registration of an individual entrepreneur, the seal on documents will contain the data of an individual who is an individual entrepreneur. In addition, you can register a trademark or trade name – so in the future, it will be easier for people to navigate, because they will recognize you!
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