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Where do spouses spend most of their life together? Of course, in the bedroom in the matrimonial bed! The opinion of most psychologists is as follows: your family relationships are under threat, sleeping together is harmful!

From time immemorial, husband and wife did not sleep in the same bed, each had his own bedroom, and the common bed was used only for making love. Perhaps this was due to the presence of free space in palaces, houses and huts. In today’s city apartments, every square meter counts, and there is not always room for two beds.

Why should spouses sleep separately? Modern studies, as well as the ancient Indian health system "Science of Life", state that the causes of insomnia, neuroses and various disorders in the mental and emotional health of a person are predominantly joint marital sleep, which does not give proper rest and necessary relaxation. 

Interesting fact: Subconsciously, on an instinctive level, men seek to protect their place of lodging for the night from enemy invasion, the energy protection function is not turned off even during sleep, which ultimately causes excessive irritability in family relationships. Women are more adapted to the presence of another person in their bed and do not take several years to get used to.


Spouses during sleep have certain physiological needs that do not allow the “soulmate" to get enough sleep (this can be menopausal hot flashes or problems with the prostate, etc.). Long-term sleep disturbance reduces the speed of mental reactions, mental performance and its accuracy, causes fatigue and inconsistency of speech, itching and burning in the eyes, a person becomes more irritable and prone to depression. As a result, this leads to heart problems and a number of psycho-somatic disorders. 

Professor of sociology P. Rosenblat in his book "Two in Bed" examined in detail the various issues and problems of couples sleeping in the same bed. Most divorces have been related to problems (sometimes funny) while sleeping together: most often there are conflicts about children or animals in the marital bed, loud snoring or an alarm clock, a working TV, about open windows or unlocked doors to the bedroom. According to the author, the joint sleep of partners is perceived as a completely natural action, although it would be much more useful for both spouses to go to different bedrooms and change the prevailing stereotype for their mental and physical comfort.


Co-sleeping advice: “Try sleeping separately if you’re not getting adequate rest and healthy sleep for some reason. Just be sure to first discuss these reasons with your "soulmate"! Perhaps you will come to a compromise, reconsider options for “fixing” family relationships and be able to fully relax while sleeping together.”

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