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Addictions, addictions, and certain behaviors are passed down from generation to generation. These include: alcoholism, drug addiction, violence, mental disorders, cruel methods of raising children, etc. Children living in such families are deprived of a full-fledged, happy childhood, and growing up, they transfer this model of behavior to their new family, repeating the fate of their parents.

Every family has its own model of raising children, which is passed down from generation to generation. There is a so-called scenario in which each member of the family plays the role of a tyrant or a victim. The worst thing is that this is considered the norm.

And this is a huge mistake, because, growing up, young people create their own families and build relationships according to the same scenario. Thus, an endless chain is formed. If you are familiar with this situation and want to finally change it, be sure to read this article to the end. This family pattern can and should be changed.

Many people do not even think about how dysfunctional their families are. But as soon as you ask yourself the question of whether you feel comfortable in your family, everything immediately becomes clear. Think about this question. Do you feel joy when you are with your family or vice versa? Do you feel like a victim?

Now remember in which family you grew up, what kind of relationship your parents had, how they treated the children and, in particular, you.

Return mentally to the past. Remember your experiences. Do you feel something similar now? Try to understand the reasons for such feelings. All problems come from childhood, including the role of the victim. Awareness and understanding of the causes of your problems will cause you a storm of negative emotions: anger, irritation, depression. But not restraint. Cry, beat the pillows, but just do not crush the negativity in yourself. Release yourself from anger. Throw out all the emotions that, as a child, you were forced to crush in yourself. Share your experiences with a friend or counselor. You need moral support.

Having thrown out all the negativity accumulated over the years, you will feel a long-awaited relief. Now it’s time to change your life by writing your own script. Certain affirmations will help you deal with your hurt feelings. Repeat: “I forgive everyone who has hurt me. I let go of resentment. My heart is open to love." This is a really effective method. But to achieve visual results, you will need time. Love yourself like a winner. As for people who suffer from alcohol and drug addictions, they cannot cope on their own, they need the help of specialists. Break the chain of negativity passed down from generation to generation by changing the model of family relationships.

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