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This is creepy: Halloween movies to watch with a man


If you are going to celebrate the holiday at home, we offer our top 5 most chilling pictures

Tonight is probably the scariest night of the year. Almost every nightclub hosts themed parties where guests compete in whose zombie or ghoul costume is the most realistic and creepy.

If you are not going to celebrate Halloween in a noisy company, we suggest you spend this evening at home in front of a TV or laptop screen watching a horror or thriller. To make it not so scary, ask your man to keep you company. We offer our own top 5 films that will allow you to feel the atmosphere of the holiday and not fall asleep all night.

"Curse of the Nun"

James Wan has established himself as the best horror maker in the world over the past few years. Probably everyone has seen at least one film that was shot by this Australian. One of his paintings deserves your attention tonight. The film, twisted around the history of the cursed monastery in Romania, will appeal to absolutely every fan of mystical stories. Just don’t make the sound too loud: there are a lot of screamers in the movie.


A classic of the horror genre. The film was originally filmed in Japan, but almost immediately after the release it gained incredible popularity around the world, of course, Hollywood bosses could not leave the film directed by Hideo Nakata without attention and shot a remake. We advise you to watch both versions: Japanese and Hollywood and make up your mind which one is better.

"A Nightmare on Elm Street"

A cult franchise consisting of 9 films. The character portrayed by Robert Englund is probably one of the most popular and recognizable Halloween characters. The mystical killer Freddy Krueger has been scaring generations of young people since the 80s. If for some reason you haven’t seen any of the Kruger movies, why not do it today while cuddling with your spouse or boyfriend under the covers. The picture will not leave you indifferent.


A few years ago, a movie based on a Stephen King novel got a second wind: a remake of the original film about a killer clown became the highest-grossing horror film in history. Most recently, the second part was released, which also brought considerable profit to the creators. The original version of the film is considered one of the best film adaptations of King’s books. We strongly recommend that you spend the evening watching both versions: you and your partner will have something to discuss after viewing.

"Silent Hill"

Another hit this evening is the mystical Silent Hill. The main monster from the film is almost as popular as the iconic Kruger, although the film itself was released relatively recently – in 2006. The film is quite creepy, especially when viewed alone. Impressions for the next few days are guaranteed.

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