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Drunk sex: safety precautions on New Year’s holidays


The romance of New Year’s Eve: he and she, candles, champagne, flashing lights of a garland and making wishes to the sound of chimes. It is likely that then the couple in love will continue the celebration in bed. However, be careful: drunk sex has its own rules.

A small amount of alcohol can make an intimate relationship more enjoyable. A woman stops thinking about the shortcomings of her figure and completely surrenders to feeling, a man is more brave and relaxed. In fact, rarely is anyone limited to one glass of champagne on a holiday. As a result, alcohol reduces sensitivity, and also reduces critical thinking, which can lead to ridiculous and sometimes dangerous situations.

Fans of role-playing games with elements of BDSM are better off indulging in their passion sober. A person who is in a state of intoxication is not able to realize what pain he causes to his partner. In addition, if he gets carried away, he may not respond to the stop word, which can lead to sad consequences. If you can’t do without games, choose something harmless – a boss and a secretary, or a teacher and a negligent student.

Do not experiment on a drunk head with a place for sex. It is not known where alcohol will take you – in a slippery bath, in a car or even on the street. The next morning you will be at least ashamed of your behavior. As a maximum, such sex can result in serious injuries.

You should not, under the influence of alcohol, start heart-to-heart talks in bed, discuss your problems and criticize each other. Alcohol can make a person uncontrollable and aggressive, and your search for a compromise can end in a fight.

Also, on New Year’s Eve, under the influence of drunk champagne, you should not start experimenting in bed. You don’t have full control of your body, so it’s likely that you or your partner will simply fall over while trying out a new position, or hurt each other. It is best to give preference to positions that you often use. Also, do not experiment with new types of intimate relationships. Save anal sex and all sorts of toys for another time.

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