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Types of female orgasm


Orgasm is the most sensual experience of a woman. However, this is also a reason for the pride of a man if he managed to deliver several strong orgasms to his beloved. Moreover, orgasms can vary in frequency or strength, for each woman it is individual. Orgasm can be one – a bright and stormy flash, or it can be multiple in a short time. There are different types of orgasm, more precisely, any orgasm is a manifestation of one reaction when there is a spasm of the outer part of the vagina, which causes a series of pleasant rhythmic contractions. In this case, orgasm can be caused by various types of stimulation – vaginal, clitoral, anal, or even breast stimulation. There are so many ways to arouse a woman, feelings, emotions, environments and atmospheres can vary, and therefore there can be different types of orgasm. Rather,

This can be compared to women’s tears: they can be caused by any reasons, but this does not mean that there are several types of tears. All women are different. You can give a very long time the ways in which you can bring a woman to sexual ecstasy.

In this article of the women’s magazine allforwomen.inform.click, we will talk about the division of the female orgasm according to physiological principles. But first, let’s talk about what, in fact, the orgasm is important for the female body. First of all, orgasm helps to relax, relieve stress. Women who do not have sexual intercourse for a long time have a high risk of developing female diseases. And women who regularly experience various types of orgasms simply glow with happiness from the inside: they are attractive, look good and feel great.

So, the women’s magazine allforwomen.inform.click will tell its readers, and, of course, their lovers, about what types of orgasm exist, how they proceed and how they differ.

Types of female orgasm – vaginal orgasm

This type of orgasm a woman experiences during vaginal sex. The duration and strength of this pleasure depends on the speed of movement and the size of the member – the more often the stimulation, the faster the orgasm proceeds. And vice versa – the slower the movements, the stronger and longer the orgasm. Unfortunately, not every woman, and not even every second one, experiences this kind of sensual pleasure – it is like a ghostly miracle that everyone talks about, but less than half of women experience. A vaginal orgasm occurs when a woman reaches a peak of emotional and physical arousal, the walls of the vagina and surrounding tissues contract, and waves of pleasure sweep through her body. However, there is an opinion that this orgasm is still weaker than the clitoral one.

Types of female orgasm

Types of female orgasm – clitoral orgasm

This type of orgasm occurs when the clitoris is stimulated: by the penis, tongue, hands or lips. The head of the clitoris is surrounded by nerve endings, so gentle and gentle touching of the clitoris delivers intense sexual pleasure. Most women experience the strongest sensual pleasures when stimulating the clitoris, causing unforgettable sensations. However, the partner must act very carefully – a rough touch on this sensitive organ can cause irritation and discomfort. In some positions, a member during sexual contact affects the nerve endings of the clitoris, and this gives a woman fantastic pleasure. So experiment, try, find your pose!

Speaking about the clitoral orgasm, it should be noted that even in our time, when women and men have become more informed about everything related to sex, there are still misconceptions about the clitoris. The allforwomen.inform.click women’s magazine will try to dispel some of them.

1 The sexuality of a woman depends on the size of the clitoris – absolutely wrong. The female clitoris comes in different sizes and shapes, and a woman’s sexuality has nothing to do with it.
2 To achieve a clitoral orgasm, a woman needs prolonged stimulation of the clitoris – the same delusion. Often men use various devices to stimulate the clitoris, but they do not make sense
3 To excite a woman, you need to stimulate the clitoris itself. In fact, sexologists claim that most women never touch the clitoris directly, because it is very sensitive and can cause irritation. Therefore, women enjoy indirect stimulation of the clitoris – touching neighboring areas, pressing on the labia minora, on the pubis.

Types of female orgasm – uterine orgasm

This type of orgasm occurs when the penis stimulates the cervix. Thus, the uterine orgasm depends on the length of the penis. During orgasm, the uterus contracts, which can continue even when the male sex organ is absent from the vagina.

Types of female orgasm – stimulation of the "G"-spot

Such an orgasm occurs when the cherished point is stimulated with the fingers or the head of the penis. The most comfortable position for getting such an orgasm is when a woman lies on her back, and a pillow is placed under her lower back.

Types of female orgasm – extragenital orgasm

Many women lose their heads from kissing their breasts, necks, caresses of other parts of the body. Although an orgasm from stimulation of other parts of the body is rare, sexologists say that only one in ten women can experience such pleasures.

The women’s magazine allforwomen.inform.click tried to tell in an accessible way about such a delicate reaction of the body as a female orgasm. We hope that this article will help you discover new sides of your sensuality and experience more orgasms – different, strong! Remember that sexual satisfaction is the key to good mood and good health. Use the possibilities of your body for pleasure. It’s wonderful and it’s natural!

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