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wedding parables


Parables are small instructive stories containing the wisdom of the ages. In the East, parables have always been an indispensable part of any holiday. And of course, no wedding was complete without parables, because at the wedding, elderly relatives and guests pass on their wisdom to the newlyweds, teach them to keep their love, to keep the fire in the family hearth.

Indeed, the parable is a wonderful option for a wedding celebration. Parables are very interesting, they contain bright, memorable images, their plot captures and evokes a lot of feelings. At the same time, parables help the newlyweds to comprehend wise advice. Parables are especially popular during the wedding feast. Raising a glass, the guests tell a parable, ending it with an interesting toast.

Each nation has its own wedding parables, which reflect their religious views, features of their historical path, worldview, mentality. Thus, Eastern parables are more allegorical, and not every European can understand them. European parables seem to the inhabitants of the East to be too superficial and straightforward. But wedding parables are always beautiful and romantic, because they all emphasize the importance of love, and there is no more beautiful feeling in the world.

One of the most beloved wedding parables goes like this. A long time ago, at the dawn of civilization, feelings lived on a wonderful island in the ocean. They lived well, but one day the water in the ocean began to rise, and the island was on the verge of flooding. Love helped other feelings to be saved, and now all the feelings, except for Love, were already sitting in boats and were ready to go in search of a new home. Love realized that it was time for her to pack up too, but there were no more empty boats left. Then Love asked Pride to go to the boat, but she did not take her to her, fearing that Love would spoil the decoration of the boat. Love asked to be on board with Sadness, but she did not shelter Love either, she loved to be alone so much. Love began to call joy, but joy chatted merrily with other feelings and did not hear the call of Love. Love sighed doomedly and thought that she could not be saved already, and wept bitterly, but then someone called out to her. Love turned around and saw an unfamiliar feeling on the boat, it held out its hand to Love and smiled affably.

Love stepped on board the boat and sailed away from the drowning island. She was afraid to ask who her savior was and remained silent. Her companion was also silent, looking at her with kind deep eyes. He took Love to a wonderful island that became her new home, wished her all the best and left. Only then Love found the gift of speech and asked Wisdom, who was standing nearby, who her savior was. It was Time, Wisdom said softly. Only Time understands the importance of Love.

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