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American psychologists say that over the years, female friendship can develop into a love relationship.

In general, female friendship belongs to the category of phenomena, since its manifestations are very similar to romantic relationships between lovers: you and your girlfriend spend a lot of time together, you can talk for hours about nothing on the phone, rush to each other on demand, kiss and hug when meetings and farewells, you can walk around the city holding hands, you can just be silent, but you feel so good together. The best friend is an excellent interlocutor, adviser and psychologist. And it happens that such emotional intimacy does not pass without a trace.

When does this line disappear? What can influence girls to become physically close?

Often this happens due to an excessive thirst for new sensations, under the influence of alcohol or some emotional events in your life:

• You have been friends for a long time, admire the body or figure of your girlfriend on an aesthetic level, are absolutely not embarrassed by each other, you can take a shower together or sleep in the same bed, talk on all sorts of topics: share your impressions about your partners, orgasms, erogenous zones. Sex with a girlfriend is something interesting and unknown for you. Perhaps you want to get a new experience or just have fun, find out what she is like in bed, or maybe assert herself or just have fun. Sex will take place or not, the main thing is that you are completely sure – this is your next little secret together … You are really best friends! 

• You broke up with your loved one, and terribly want to take revenge on him. At this moment, it seems to you that “all men are theirs …", you will never again be able to trust your feelings to anyone, only a friend understands you without words, supports you and is always there when you need her so much. First, she wipes your tears, hugs, soothes. Then he kisses tear-stained cheeks, promising that everything will certainly be fine in your life. And at this moment you need strong hugs so much, you so want warmth and love. So words of comfort can smoothly turn into sex with a girlfriend. Such sex is a release of nervous tension, a kind of physical relaxation, and after it it is not necessary to consider that both of you have become lesbians. 


• You and your girlfriend are in a bar, a glass or two of wine or something stronger clouded your pretty heads. You so want to attract male attention, do something extraordinary and you start kissing. The guys do not take their eyes off you, some want to join, the further development of events can be unpredictable, everything will depend on your desire, mood and the amount of alcohol you drink. If, nevertheless, sex took place, in the morning, in addition to a hangover, your soul will still be tormented by thoughts: forget or continue? It’s up to you to decide! 

If you both consider this sex with a girlfriend an accident, none of you is going to change sexual orientation, then treat this as one of the points of your “invaluable experience”. Treasure your friendship, because losing it is much easier than keeping it, and for love, let you have men. 

But if you both feel good together, you don’t want to part for a second, you are jealous of each other for men and other girlfriends, sex has become the highest degree of pleasure, you both want to continue this relationship – then this is love!

Women’s friendship exists and will exist, the main thing is that both women want it!

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