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The courage of the viewer takes: artists who are not afraid of explicit scenes


We decided to find out which of the actors do not need the frequent help of understudies.

It is believed that an actor should be able to play almost any character or scene, but not every actor is ready to shoot in explicit scenes. And yet, there are also daredevils who do not require doubles for intimate scenes, and today we decided to talk about them.

Colin Farrel

The Irish actor boasts an incredibly attractive appearance, which is why he is so often invited to the roles of hero-lovers and bad guys, in the type of which Farrell “enters" perfectly. When asked: "Why do you need this?" The actor replies that the script requires it and nothing more. The most daring film with Farrell is the picture "The House at the End of the World", in which Colin demonstrated his sexual organ in full combat readiness … Do not rush to look, the scene was cut out in the final editing.

Shaya Labaf

The second daredevil in the list of actors without fear and reproach can be considered the Hollywood handsome Shia LaBeouf, who proved his professionalism by playing in "Nymphomaniac" – one of the most explicit films in the last 30 years. What a big disappointment for the fans was the news that in particularly explicit scenes he was replaced by an understudy, and then only because "the director decided so." Fans explain the calm attitude of the idol to the sweaty scenes by its origin: the grandmother of the famous actor was a hippie and lived for several years with the cult poet, part-time nudist, Allen Ginsberg. In addition to the main work, LaBeouf does not mind taking part in music videos, but again, not in classical works: for example, the actor became the main character in the video of Icelandic rockers. According to the script, LaBeouf was supposed to be in bed next to his girlfriend, but in clothes. The actor did not like this idea and he decided to get naked..

Penelope Cruz

The actress has never been considered a girl who is ready to easily throw off her clothes at the snap of her fingers, Cruz herself has repeatedly admitted that nude scenes bring her incredible discomfort. Nevertheless, Penelope starred in several films, where the director demanded to demonstrate a little more body than Cruz herself wanted. These were mainly the early works of the actress, who claims that she was ready to accept the conditions of the directors only because she was afraid of losing her place in the film. And yet, Cruz agrees to be naked without any objections in the frame of her favorite director – Pedro Almodovar.

Helen Mirren

Mirren first appeared naked in the film Coming of Age at the age of 24, from that moment on, quite explicit scenes with Helen could be seen quite often in her subsequent works. One of Mirren’s most daring work is the film "Caligula", but the degree of frankness was so high that Mirren asked for an understudy. The actress refers to forced nudity in films quite calmly: "It’s just a movie."

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