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Sex is not just pleasure, but also health. If you think sex is something dirty and like to abstain from it, then break your stereotypes. Sex brings great benefits to the body. If sex is regular, then it has a very positive effect on a person. Do you want to know what is the use of sex? Here are the answers.

  • First, after sexual intercourse, the hormone prolactin begins to be produced in large quantities. This stimulates the production of new neurons in the center of smell by human stem cells.
  • Second, sex will help you avoid heart attacks and strokes. Scientists at Queen’s University, which is located in the UK, have shown that men who have sex three times a week or more are less likely to suffer from these ailments. Men, draw your own conclusions!
  • The third positive plus is that sex burns extra calories. One quality intercourse saves you 200 calories, which is equivalent to a fifteen-minute jog. Sex is also a sport. Don’t believe? But after all, with sexual arousal, the pulse rate is 70-150 beats per minute, just like an athlete who trains very hard. For a man, sex is generally very useful. Active lovemaking stimulates the production of the male hormone testosterone in large quantities, and this strengthens bones and muscles.
  • Fourthly, sex is the best way to cheer up. Surely, you yourself noticed that after this case, you want to soar more than ever. Interestingly, sex without a condom is very good at relieving women of depression. The only explanation for this is prostaglandin, a hormone found in semen, penetrating into the female genital tract, regulates the production of female hormones, and this is positively displayed on the woman herself.

Last but not least, oxytocin is of great importance here. Before the orgasm itself, the level of this hormone increases five times than usual. Thus, oxytocin leads to the production of large amounts of endorphins, hormones of happiness and joy. Endorphins not only lift your mood, but also have an analgesic effect. We have provided you with the main advantages of sex, so have sex for health, if your sex life is not as active as it was before, then it’s time to take advantage of sexual caresses.

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