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Quite a few women and girls are worried that their beloved ends too quickly – she had just “warmed up", and he, having moved for a couple of minutes, quickly reached an orgasm and, having enjoyed it, left his girlfriend alone “on the battlefield”. Disappointment, dissatisfaction, resentment – you should not accumulate these feelings in yourself and keep silent about the problem. But what to do about premature ejaculation, why does it occur and how to deal with it? We will try to answer these questions in this article.

Why does a man finish quickly?

Almost all women have to deal with premature ejaculation from time to time – if it does not become commonplace, but occurs in some cases – it can be considered the norm. The fact is that this is mother – nature ordered that a man could finish quickly, because the faster ejaculation happens, the faster the egg can be fertilized, which means that children will be born sooner. Our ancestors did not particularly think about the diversity of their sexual life and the technique of sex, it was more important for them to continue their own race, and not whether a woman would enjoy this process. However, in the modern world the situation has changed radically.

There are not so many reasons that can cause too rapid ejaculation:

  • the whole process is the path to orgasm, some men subconsciously don’t mind being "sprinters";
  • too strong arousal of the girl;
  • the partner has an overly "ardent" vagina;
  • a woman excites a partner so much that he loses his head, unable to restrain himself;
  • prolonged sexual abstinence.

What to do if a man cums quickly?

When a man who ends too quickly for you is not a passing fad, but a husband or lover, the most correct way to start solving the problem is to discuss it delicately. It is important here not to offend the male ego in any way, it may turn out that your partner does not even realize that a few minutes of sexual intercourse is not enough for you. If he loves you and wants to make you happy, help him get on the “right path” – tell, or rather show your most erogenous zones, as if by chance drawing you into an erotic game, spend more time on foreplay, especially since it is first of all needed namely the woman.

To prolong sexual intercourse, try to artificially reduce the high sensitivity of the head of the penis: make love in a condom, as well as use special lubricants – prolongators.

Try not to let your man sexually "starve". Sexual abstinence is often the cause of male "rate of fire", so try to have sex more or less regularly.

Try to "seize" the initiative – taking the position of the rider, set the pace and depth of entry of the penis (movements should be slow and shallow).

To solve the problem with premature ejaculation, the representatives of the stronger sex sometimes resort to self-satisfaction – that is, an hour or two before sexual intercourse, a man gives himself a "discharge", as a result of which his 2nd sexual intercourse lasts noticeably longer. If for some reason your partner does not want to resort to self-satisfaction, you can come to his "help" at the same time giving him an incomparable pleasant experience – to satisfy your beloved orally. Having received a quick and vivid orgasm, a grateful partner will rest a little and “thank you” properly.

By the way, some try to prolong intercourse by taking alcohol specifically for this. There really is some sense in this, but, of course, such “stimulation” should not become a system. Similarly, you should not try to cope with the problem by preventing the passage of blood in the area of ​​​​the head and scrotum.

Remember, if your man ends too quickly, in your opinion, you should not be offended, panic and complain about your bitter fate. In most cases, this problem is easily solved, the main thing here is to help your man realize its presence, understand the causes and eliminate them. If you yourself do not succeed, contact an experienced sex therapist.

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