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Work for women over 50


The phrase “and at 45 a berry again" sounds encouraging. Alas, HR managers prefer "green shoots" to mature ladies. After attending a dozen inconclusive interviews, it begins to seem that decent work for women over 50 is no longer available and their lot is the position of cleaners. Labor market experts suggest not to despair, but to analyze the situation and think about what reasons make the personnel officer refuse such an applicant, regardless of seniority and experience, both professional and life. The conclusions made will allow you to restructure and get a vacancy.

What alarms the employer in the applicant over 50 years old?

Job descriptions are often categorical: employees under a certain age and the category “over 50” do not fall into this range.

What could be behind this requirement?

– desire to see an attractive employee;

— search for a candidate close in age to the team;

– savings on wages for people without experience who do not claim a high salary;

— fears for disruptions in work due to sick leave or workload restrictions for health reasons;

– unwillingness to get involved with the retraining of an age beginner who is unfamiliar with new technologies and techniques;

– doubts that creative work is suitable for women over 50, and interesting and non-standard solutions can be expected from them.

Understanding such a subtext should push you to work on yourself. The interview and the sent resume should immediately dispel doubts, leaving on the surface only the arguments for the need to hire this candidate.

Work for women over 50

How to break stereotypes when taking

Employment portals give a number of banal tips:

– send resumes to all authorities;

– inform friends, acquaintances and relatives about the desire to find a job;

— fill out questionnaires on thematic portals;

– regularly study offers and call fresh ones.

The quantity method can work, no doubt, but you also need to think about quality. Before calling or sending a message, you should consider whether a particular job after 50 is really suitable for a woman of a certain established character and lifestyle. Violence against oneself will not give the best results: after 50 years it is already difficult to go on business trips and even spend a lot of time on your feet. Health problems are not the best bonus to a long-awaited job.

Work for women over 50

If the place still seems tempting, it is worth making every effort to get it:

1. Before the interview, get in shape, visit a hairdresser and makeup artist who can “disguise” several years.

2. If there are no things in the wardrobe of a modern cut, then it is worth acquiring them.

3. Dialogue with the employer should not be based on age: emphasized subordination is better than an instructive tone.

4. Without waiting for questions, it is worth dispelling the doubts listed above. The portfolio must be accompanied by a diploma of completion of PC-users or foreign languages ​​courses. The love of travel should be mentioned in advance if the work involves business trips. And tell them that “no problem” you can go to work on your day off, because young specialists are rarely capable of such sacrifices.

5. Experience and professional competence are the main trump cards, it remains to convince the employer that this knowledge is relevant. The mention of attending professional development seminars will play into the hands.
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