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12 events where Meghan Markle broke fashion protocol


Meghan Markle

Along with the title of the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle got the status of almost a fashion icon. At the very least, the “Markle effect" has become a constant topic in fashion magazines – things like Prince Harry’s wife immediately became sales leaders. But what was to the taste of thousands of ordinary women did not always cause the same delight among the representatives of the palace. The fact is that Megan constantly violates royal fashion protocol! She was rather frivolous about prescriptions even in the status of the bride of Prince Harry, and even after the wedding, Megan continues to dictate her fashion rules. allforwomen.inform.click invites you to remember some violations.

July 6, 2019: Dior dress at son Archie’s christening

For the official photo shoot dedicated to the christening of baby Archie, Meghan Markle chose a white dress from Dior. An elegant outfit from one of the most revered fashion houses in the world, of course, cannot be called a fashion failure.

12 events where Meghan Markle broke fashion protocol

But the fact is that in this way the Duchess of Sussex violated the unspoken rule to give preference to British brands at events of this level (recall that Kate Middleton chose an outfit from Alexander McQueen at the christening of all her three children). The excuse that the foreign brand is headed by a British designer, as was the case with the Givenchy wedding dress, will also fail, because Maria Grazia Chiuri is Italian.

December 10, 2018: dark nail polish

The appearance of the Duchess of Sussex at the Fashion Awards in London came as a surprise to many! But the manicure of the wife of Prince Harry caused even more surprise among connoisseurs of etiquette.

The fact is that representatives of the British royal family traditionally use light natural shades of varnish, but this time Megan decided to ignore this rule and chose a rich burgundy color – in general terms, a dark shade can be mistaken for black.

12 events where Meghan Markle broke fashion protocol

October 31, 2018: sheer skirt

Thin fabric once played a cruel joke with Princess Diana – however, then it was a random shot of young Spencer, when she was still working as a nanny in a kindergarten, taken against the light. Meghan, on the other hand, chose a not too successful outfit for an official appearance on the final day of the tour of Australia and New Zealand.

The Givenchy pleated skirt, in which the Duchess appeared in public, also turned out to be not too tight – the legs and even the underwear of the representative of the royal family were visible through the knitted fabric!

12 events where Meghan Markle broke fashion protocol

October 19, 2018: walking barefoot on the beach

Another violation was recorded during the royal tour of Australia and New Zealand, where Meghan went with Prince Harry. And there, Meghan ignored the rule that is expected of members of the royal family in any case. It’s about shoes. No matter how much you want to run barefoot on the wet sand, aristocrats are not supposed to take off their shoes.

The order was strictly followed by Princess Diana, who visited Terrigal Beach as part of her official visit to Australia in 1983, and Kate Middleton, who walked along Manly Beach in 2014. But Megan could not resist – arriving at Bondi Beach in October last year, she hurried to get rid of her shoes.

12 events where Meghan Markle broke fashion protocol12 events where Meghan Markle broke fashion protocol
12 events where Meghan Markle broke fashion protocol

Kate Middleton

September 4, 2018: pantsuit

Meghan demonstrated her willfulness in matters of fashion protocol immediately on her first official appearance in the status of the bride of Prince Harry, appearing in a strict trouser suit.

Having become a duchess, she also did not change her habits – the trousers remained in her wardrobe, although it is known that Queen Elizabeth II prefers that representatives of the royal family appear during official exits in trousers or dresses. So, in a trouser suit, Megan appeared at the WellChild Awards event.

12 events where Meghan Markle broke fashion protocol

The fact that the queen does not approve of such outfits does not bother Meghan, trouser suits were often her choice: for example, she was seen in a set from Givenchy during a visit to Ireland in July 2018.

12 events where Meghan Markle broke fashion protocol

Meghan Markle in Ireland

August 29, 2018: bare legs and no pantyhose

For a charity performance at the Victoria Palace Theater in London, Megan came in a short jacket dress from Judith & Charles – the mini style has already alerted many champions of strict rules, but the length of the outfit was far from the main problem in this image.

The main mistake Markle made in another, namely, appeared in public with bare legs. The fact is that the protocol says that whenever you wear a skirt or dress, tights or stockings are a must-have wardrobe item. It should be noted that Megan also violated this order more than once, but it was during this event that she went against the rules already in the status of a duchess.

12 events where Meghan Markle broke fashion protocol

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

July 14, 2018: pants and hat at Wimbledon

Megan was also not serious about following the rules during her first tennis tournament, Wimbledon, as a representative of the royal family, and again neglected the wishes of Queen Elizabeth II – Prince Harry’s wife came to the stands in flared trousers and a shirt from Ralph Lauren. Moreover, with her appearance, Markle managed to break not only the aristocratic protocol, but also the rules of Wimbledon itself.

So, on the tournament page, you can find a recommendation for visitors to refuse hats, as headwear can interfere with the view of the spectators sitting behind (this seems to have been hinted at by the Duchess – Megan carried the hat in her hand).

12 events where Meghan Markle broke fashion protocol

It should be noted that a year later, Markle took into account past mistakes – in 2019 she came to the tournament already in a skirt. However, it was not without scandal again – this time the wife of Prince Harry was accused of forbidding herself to be photographed.

July 10, 2018: black color

At a party at the summer residence of the British Ambassador in Dublin, Meghan Markle appeared in a black dress from Emilia Wiskstead, which again showed disregard for the wishes of Elizabeth II.

12 events where Meghan Markle broke fashion protocol

The fact is that the Queen reportedly prefers that the black color of the family was worn only for mourning events, but Meghan seems to love this strict color too much. So, she chose a black outfit for her first solo appearance as a member of the royal family.

12 events where Meghan Markle broke fashion protocol

June 14, 2018: I forgot my hat

Hats in general seem to have become Meghan’s main enemies in the fight against royal protocol. When it is not worth it, the duchess, as luck would have it, takes the headdress with her, and when it is needed, on the contrary, she comes without it.

Another incident overtook Markle during her first solo exit in the company of Queen Elizabeth II at the opening of the bridge in Cheshire. According to the tabloid Daily Mail, according to the rules, since the queen appeared in a hat, Meghan had to follow her example and also complement her image with this accessory.

12 events where Meghan Markle broke fashion protocol

Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth II

12 events where Meghan Markle broke fashion protocol

July 9, 2018: off the shoulder dress

At her debut ceremony honoring the Queen Trooping the Color, Meghan Markle broke another unspoken rule of court protocol. For royals, she recommends avoiding off-the-shoulder dresses, but Meghan couldn’t resist this soft pink Carolina Herrera outfit.

12 events where Meghan Markle broke fashion protocol

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

May 19, 2018: Wedding dress from a non-British brand

Meghan Markle is accused by many of excessive narcissism and the desire to be in the spotlight in any way. Well, she definitely succeeds, because, even breaking the protocol, she was able to go down in history. So, the Duchess of Sussex is considered the first representative of the British royal family, who went down the aisle in a dress not from a local brand.

12 events where Meghan Markle broke fashion protocol

Recall that the main Megan chose the outfit from Givenchy. The design, of course, was worked on by creative director Clare Waight Keller, who is a native of the UK, but the brand itself is a true symbol of France and French style.

February 13, 2018 – cross-body bag

Formally, then Megan was not yet a member of the royal family – the wedding with Prince Harry was still ahead, but she did not show much desire to learn and accept the rules of Markle’s future relatives. As you know, ladies from the royal family prefer to wear clutches – this way they avoid unnecessary handshakes.

12 events where Meghan Markle broke fashion protocol

But Megan was always willing to make contact with people – already being a duchess, she continued to violate the order to exclude physical contact with strangers and willingly hugged children at various events. However, Megan was then convicted not only for an inappropriate bag, but also for too long flared trousers – perhaps the future duchess had already decided then that you couldn’t please everyone anyway!

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