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Relationships are undeniably important to many of us. We receive significant support and care from friends, relatives, co-workers, even casual relationships with buddies. Trust is one of the most important ingredients in any healthy relationship. But trust comes with time. Here are some ideas to help build trust in almost any type of relationship.

Building trust

1 Be yourself a reliable person. People like those who adhere to the principle of "said – done." Make sure your actions and the moral standards you claim to match. If people notice that you are actually doing what you say is ethical and moral, then they are more likely to believe what you say.
2 Keep promises. This can apply to any promises – from a promise to appear at dinner to a promise to help in difficult times. Never promise anything that you definitely can’t deliver. People have much more faith in a person who does not make promises than in someone who constantly promises and does not keep his promises all the time.
3 Keep other people’s secrets.If someone prefers not to share all the details of a problem they are having, then listen to them and keep your mouth shut. Do not discuss what you have been told with anyone else without permission. Exceptions are situations where, as a result of secrecy, life-threatening circumstances or criminal acts may occur.
4 Let others know that you understand their need for personal space and respect it. If you know that your friend spends every Saturday morning with his family, don’t call him and don’t visit him. If you respect other people’s limitations, it will help you a lot in establishing and building trust between you.
5 Keep cool if your friend, for some reasonFor this reason, he loses control of himself. Let him let off steam. When the first outburst of strong emotions has passed, it’s time to talk to him rationally and help your friend find an acceptable solution to the problem that caused the outburst of anger.
6 Always be honest with other people. If someone asks for your opinion and you don’t agree with an idea or the way things are going, say so. You can do this by giving reasons why a different solution would be better, without criticizing the course of action your friend chose. If you do so, you will provide him with food for thought, and your speech will not mean that he lacks prudence or other qualities.

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