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How to be unforgettable in bed


A woman who wants to become a great lover needs to learn not only to please her partner, but also to receive it herself. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of both physiology and psychology of men. Knowing some tricks will also help you avoid the routine of marital sex and make it more passionate and desirable.

Of particular importance is the behavior of a woman, not only during sex, but also before it. If a man is waiting for the first step from his partner, it makes sense to try to seduce him. The style of seduction will depend on the nature of the partner. Some men prefer gentle, prolonged caresses and romance, while others like it if a woman aggressively lashes out at them or offers to make love in extreme conditions – for example, on a Ferris wheel or in a secluded quiet place in a city park. A lot will depend on the situation and behavior of the woman.

If a man himself wants to seduce you, flirt a little, forcing him to jokingly seek consent, and then smoothly move on to sex. A good lover should also be a good actress in bed. This is not about simulating an orgasm, but about the ability to be different, to play roles. This is especially important if you want to diversify your intimate life with a person who has long been your lover. Ask him what he would like, and fulfill the desire. In some situations, additional elements are appropriate – wigs, hairpieces, transfer tattoos, etc.

Try not to lose confidence in yourself and do not be afraid to ask your partner what he would like, and then fulfill his desire. If a man is embarrassed to talk about his secret dreams, start first. While making love, give him advice, spice it up with praise. For example, you can ask him to stroke your chest, assuring you that you really like his strong, gentle hands. Whisper in your ear about your secret fantasies, and perhaps your partner will be able to overcome embarrassment and tell you about theirs.

Do not hide the pleasure, because it is important for a man to know that he is doing everything right. Sweet moans can sometimes excite much more than the physiological sexual intercourse itself. At the same time, do not forget to caress your partner. The male body is very sensitive to female affection. Stroking the lower back, buttocks, chest, and even light biting of the earlobe can be pleasant. Watch your partner’s reaction and look for "vulnerabilities", because this will help you make sex truly unforgettable.

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