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Constantly wanting sex: joy or problem?


At a young age, almost all girls believe that guys only need one thing from them – sex. Of course, the guys in this sense should be given their due: they are trying with all their might to conform to this stereotype, so as not to seem strange among their peers. Why are they trying? Yes, because not all guys can equally zealously desire sex. Both the desire and the potential are different for everyone. But this truth is revealed later, a little later, as well as the fact that among girls, and then women, there are also those who constantly want sex. The allforwomen.inform.click women’s magazine talks about what forms a constant desire for sex can take, which contributes to the emergence of an active sexual desire in women, and whether this phenomenon needs to be somehow combated.

From a timid dozen?

Nastya treated her first school love with trepidation, she was afraid to once again look at the love object, and even after Roma, the same prince on a white horse, invited her to meet, for a long time she could not decide on the first kiss and another manifestation of her feelings.

It was in the 9th grade, and five years later, Nastya, having relaxed a little in a cafe, enthusiastically told her friends about how many sexual partners she had over the past 2 years. Moreover, from Nastya’s story, one could conclude that she was belligerent, and was not going to stop there. The girl admitted that she constantly wants sex, and preferably not with a permanent partner. It was hard to believe that this was the same Nastya, shy and timid, with difficulty pronouncing the name of the one she liked.

But it’s hard for us to imagine how a shy girl can turn into a loving, no, very loving lady. And psychologists do not see anything strange in this, moreover, in their opinion, this is one of the most common cases. Such a sharp change in sexual behavior is connected with self-affirmation and with declaring to oneself and others: “I am not at all timid, I am very liberated, and I can prove this to any man."

And here it is already necessary to ask the question: is it really about any man? Absolutely, absolutely anyone?

Nastya, having heard such a question, answers in the negative. The girl says that she has certain requirements for men, certain male types that cause sexual desire, and clear restrictions, with the help of which some of the applicants are immediately eliminated.

It doesn’t matter who. No matter where

But among women there are also those for whom the identity of the sexual partner practically does not matter. There is a goal (sexual pleasure), and this goal must be achieved, no matter what. If a woman constantly wants sex, and anyone can become the object of desire for her, psychologists begin to sound the alarm. The fact is that in this case we can talk not just about some kind of internal psychological maneuvers, but about a real psychological disorder, which is called "nymphomania".

Many men, having heard the word "nymphomania", perk up and show with all their appearance that they would be happy to meet a woman with such a characteristic on their way.
But in fact, they hardly guess how often they will have to show their sexual abilities in order to fully satisfy a lady suffering from nymphomania.
Alla admits that she loves sex very much, but at the same time she simply hates her thoughts about sex. “It’s like an obsession that you can get away from only by having sex. But even then, a long-term deliverance from obsession still does not occur, “the girl argues. And at the same time, Alla adds: “Now I am free, and I can live the way I want. But what will happen when a person appears to whom I will have certain obligations? Is it really necessary to look for someone like me, so that he understands me, does not condemn, and does not suffer because of my behavior?

The first step to solving a problem is to understand if there is a problem.

Our society is characterized by a kind of concept substitution syndrome. We can easily call a slight malaise, combined with a bad mood, depression, despite the fact that depression is actually a disease that has certain symptoms and requires treatment. And nymphomaniacs are mistakenly called women who are simply sexually active.
So. If a woman has a higher sexual potential than her sexual partner or girlfriends, this is not a reason to call her a nymphomaniac. Such a woman has every chance to find herself a suitable sexual partner who also constantly wants sex.

But if thoughts about sex interfere with work, rest, and generally interfere with thinking about anything else, then in this case there is a need to contact a specialist who will help to understand the cause and eliminate it.

It is clear that the reasons can be very different – both psychological and physiological. In general, if we are not talking about serious mental disorders, it is believed that the constant desire for sex is a form of proof to others of something or a form of compensation for the lack of any emotions.

The women’s magazine allforwomen.inform.click advises women who are uncomfortable with the constant desire for sex to understand themselves (often easier to do with the help of a qualified psychologist or psychotherapist), and also to remember that the constant change of sexual partners, if it cannot be avoided yet, must be accompanied by a competent selection of contraceptive methods.

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