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Sex, like any other area of ​​our life, is impossible without mistakes and oversights. Yes, it interferes with pleasure. But, tell me, what is the main function of errors? That’s right, gaining valuable experience and improving the quality of life. Today we will talk about the main male mistakes in sex, which will help improve the quality of intimate life.

Mistakes in bed

No foreplay. Most women need foreplay, which should last about 15 minutes, no less. Foreplay allows you to relax and provokes the release of lubricant – a natural lubricant that is a sign of arousal. To prepare for sex, a woman needs hugs and kisses, sometimes watching adult films together is a prelude.

Too much rudeness. The stereotype that a lady needs a real macho who will take her by force and force her to fulfill her, not always adequate sexual desires, is still alive. Yes, and caresses must certainly be rougher. However, this only interferes with full-fledged sex – harsh treatment can injure a woman, both physically and mentally. In order for the pleasure to be mutual, you need to score on "as it should" and listen to the desires – yours and your partner’s.

Hello Kamasutra! Some men believe that the quality of sex directly depends on the number of positions changed during it. And the more “tortuous" they are, the steeper. If the main goal is to gain a gorgeous stretch, then yes, but if you want to achieve just a “banal” orgasm, then “intricacies” here will not only not help, but also greatly hinder. In fact, a sign of a man’s bed skills is the ability to transfer a partner from one position to another so that she does not feel the slightest discomfort.

We examined the main bed blunders that our men sin with. About the rest of the misses some other time.

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