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What nonsense! The most delusional myths about sex


Remember mom’s face when you first asked where babies come from? Or how they were unpleasantly surprised and even experienced slight disgust when they found a videotape with porn from their parents? But it turns out that not only children think all sorts of nonsense about sex – and adults are able to surprise! Be warned: your hair is about to stand on end.

About anatomy

A friend assured me that a man has a finite number of ejaculations throughout his life, and if in his youth he had sex too often and a lot, then by adulthood he would certainly become impotent.

It is not uncommon for people to be very ill-informed about the physiology of the opposite sex.

But women often know little about their own body. Specialists of the Secrets Center for Family and Sex Education anonymously shared their stories:

  • At the Secrets of Anal Pleasure training, one young woman convinced the listeners that before engaging in anal sex, it is necessary to fast for at least 2 days. It is not surprising that, after two days of fasting, she did not experience pleasure!

There is nothing to be surprised here. Remember biology lessons at school? The ones that dealt with human reproductive health? At best, these paragraphs were assigned to be read at home and never checked in class. And even if the students sorted out this section on their own, there was hardly a word about the clitoris there. Awkwardness and shame shut the mouths of more than one woman. So some never found out exactly how their body works.

About pregnancy

Pregnancy occurs only if the woman has experienced an orgasm. Heard this from a lady who was outraged that pregnant rape victims were suing. Once she got pregnant, she thought, it means that she enjoyed it, what is there to complain about?

One of the most common myths about sex concerns the connection between orgasm and pregnancy. This reaction is typical "victim blaming". The reason for everything is the belief that rape only happens to "bad" women – those who somehow behave in the wrong way, walk in the wrong place or dress in the wrong way. With good, “right" women, this will never happen. And if it happens, then, of course, it should not leave traces. You can’t talk about this with your parents, or with the police, or with your husband – suddenly he will go to another!

The idea that a raped woman can become pregnant seems doubly terrible to the accusers, because now everyone will see her shame.

Other people have gone further. Orgasm affects not only the fact of pregnancy, they are sure, but also the sex of the child. Several decades ago, by the way, this theory was supported by the media as well.

Back in the 90s, I heard on the radio that if a woman experienced an orgasm during conception, then a girl would be born, and if not, a boy. Some man, in the past a physical education teacher, in all seriousness earned good money from this: he guaranteed couples that if they followed his recommendations, they would get the desired gender of the child. If the floor turned out to be wrong, it means that they tried badly or wanted different things. Or – attention! – mother-in-law or mother-in-law wanted a boy or a girl, so they “confused all the cards” for the spouses.

About alternative contraception

When we were in school, there was no one to tell us how to protect ourselves. Not only from unwanted pregnancy, but also from sexually transmitted diseases. The teachers at the school felt that this was not their area of ​​responsibility. If they did not think so, then it is not known what would be better.

We had a subject at school – “the law of God”, so on it the priest told us that in order not to get pregnant, you need to pray during sex.

Parents, at best, thrust into our hands the "Encyclopedia for Girls" with a bookmark on the right page. But this is the best! Sometimes parents took to giving advice they had inherited from their grandmothers: douching with citric acid, cola, or diluted vinegar.

Another source of invaluable information about contraception is school friends (and their mothers).

There were legends in our school that bay leaves are the best emergency contraceptive. I myself no-no, and I will look unkindly towards the borscht.

As a result, we get boyfriends who have their own, very alternative ways to save themselves from early parenthood:

One of my friends assured me that if during sex you direct the sperm not outward, but inward, then you can not be protected and no STDs are terrible! I have no idea how exactly you can direct the sperm inside so as not to get pregnant, but I think he became a father early.

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