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Despite the fact that sex is a natural and very pleasant experience, many girls can feel awkward and not very comfortable after it. Especially when it’s the first sex with a new partner. There can be many reasons – ranging from the level of moral sensitivity (after all, for most women, sex is not just physical intimacy) and ending with such banal things as complexes and worries about appearance and figure.

Of course, if the partners have been together for a long time and managed to study the bodies and desires of each other, then there can be no question of any embarrassment. But what to do after the first sex?


In most cases, if the first sex with a new partner went “with a bang", the feeling of embarrassment should not arise (except perhaps the most minimal, but this is normal and quite natural). If something went wrong (and this happens, because at the first intimacy, the partners do not yet know the preferences of their chosen ones and cannot always adjust), you should not focus on this or put an end to further relationships. Over time, you will feel each other and learn to avoid intimate mistakes. Any such awkwardness is best fought with tenderness, caresses, hugs and kisses.

Remember that a man, even if he looks like a big and smart mountain of muscles, is the same child who wants care and praise. You should not run out of bed immediately after sex – let him feel the warmth of your body, your smell, your care for him.

Do not hang around his neck with questions like “will we see you again?”, “Will you call me?”, “Do you like me?”, “Did you feel good?”, “Do you regret what happened?”. Leave all questions on that – enjoy the moment and the intimacy of a person who cares about you. 


What to do if the intimacy that happened is just sex at a time? Despite the fact that there are no obligations to anyone, try not to kick your night partner out of the apartment immediately after the end of the act, or do not run away wherever your eyes look. Most often, such behavior is perceived very offensively: after all, a person thinks that he was simply used and thrown away. Of course, this is already a hackneyed variant of behavior, and everyone understands this, but at least it does not leave a bitter aftertaste: say that it would be nice to see you again and that you will definitely call. Even if no one does this (and most likely no one does), you will not be tormented by remorse. If you need to tactfully drive a man out of your home, hint to him that the solution of all the problems of mankind requires your urgent participation.

In any case, try to relax and enjoy what you got, leaving all feelings of embarrassment and embarrassment, as well as high thoughts for later. But the most important and most important advice is always be yourself!


If after the first sex you want to continue, and the man is smoking a cigarette on the balcony, let him rest. But after 10-15 minutes, start seducing. The second time to excite a man is more difficult than the first, but if the guy is in his prime and you are sexy, you will definitely succeed. You can change the situation – call a man to take a shower with you. Try a new pose. At the same time, each subsequent sexual intercourse with a man will last longer, and your orgasm will come faster.

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