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How to become a successful and rich woman


Such a concept as a “successful woman" has long been included in both vocabulary and lifestyle. Gone are the days when only men could succeed. Today, women are increasingly holding leadership positions, have serious bank deposits and can claim that this money is not acquired by a husband or parents, but earned on their own. And most often, such success is associated with obtaining a quality education.

Of course, there are enough women who managed to become wealthy without receiving a full education. However, most often, such material well-being is associated with appearance and youth (less often with the presence of talent) – this is modeling and show business. Such success is usually transient, because as soon as a woman grows up to a certain age, or (if she is a singer) ceases to meet certain expectations of the public, her popularity fades, and incomes decrease with it. Therefore, only education can give hope that success will not be momentary, that it will be the result of long-term projects and will allow you to create a fortune.

It is no coincidence that the vast majority of school graduates strive to enter institutes and universities. And in this situation, the female half of the applicants is even in a more advantageous situation than the male half. After all, for many young people there is not a very blissful alternative in the form of an army. Girls, on the other hand, enter universities not in order to "slop down", but precisely in order to get a higher education – thus, their choice is more conscious.

So what does education mean for the modern woman? Some postulates do not change over time. And a hundred years ago, and today there is an opinion that education for a woman is even more important than for a man. Knowing how to become a successful and rich woman, the lady will not only use her knowledge – she will pass it on to her children. And therefore, in a large sense, we can say that educated women are able to form an educated nation.

For people who do not appreciate the essence of education, it seems like a waste of time. Endless textbooks, boring lectures, the desire to finish college in order to get a diploma – all this only takes strength and does not give anything. This is exactly how the opponents of education argue, denying the woman the main thing. And this main goal is as follows: education allows you to change your view of the world, makes the worldview global and at the same time applied. In other words, if a woman consciously received an education (not for "crusts", but for future achievements), she will definitely try to use her knowledge for the benefit of herself and her family. She will make them the key to her success and material wealth.

A century ago, a woman saw her life path in only one direction – home and family. For this, it was really possible not to get an education, although girls from wealthy families were already studying at special educational institutions (such as the Smolny Institute) even at that time. But over the years, women have increasingly gained independence in their intentions and actions. And here education began to come to the fore – it made it possible to get a decent job and take a worthy place on the social ladder.

Today, education for a woman is a sign that she can make her life of high quality. With all that, she does not cease to be a woman. It should not be thought that educated women cannot take care of the family. And the assertion that it is pointless to give a woman an education, since she will settle at home anyway, cannot be wealthy in any way. It is an educated woman who most often becomes successful and rich, because she knows how to competently manage the benefits that higher education gives her.
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