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Sex in a Long Relationship: Simple Solutions for Fresh Feelings


Most couples have frequent passionate sex at the beginning of a relationship. Both of you are trying to outdo yourself in bed. But most often after two or three years of relationship, the intensity of passions decreases. The current culture contributes a lot to this: tired of the phone – they bought a new one, they used to plan a date and hugged for a long time – now a look and a couple of kisses are enough. And so the passion goes away. But it can be returned.

1 Play

Don’t stop flirting just because you’re together for the long haul. Go on! Write him erotic sms, joke, lure. The goal is not to convince him to sleep with you, but to remind him that you are good together. Flirting is like a lubricant for your relationship. If you have a good time out of bed, it will affect sex.

2 Try something new

Look for new meeting places and activities. Trying new things as a couple will help keep your relationship fresh and enjoyable. You will be able to recall the feelings that gripped you on your first dates.

3 Get to know each other

It sounds funny, but remember with what interest you used to listen to each other’s stories about work. Take a look at his presentation, look at him at work – this is where many of the features that you like in him appear! Let him do the same.

4 Remember

Remind each other of your first dates and reenact the best ones. Discuss again what you like about sex, what you want from it, what new things you can try in the near future. Together with the aura of the beginning relationship, it will come out very useful and passionate.

5 Give compliments

He walks out the door, you say, "Wait, let me see you." Tell him how you love him and how you like this suit on him, how pleasant your relationship with him is. Soon, he, too, will begin to please you with pleasant words for no reason, so the fading desire will be revived.

6 Control

Be proactive, as it is now fashionable to say: invite him to a bath or read an erotic story in roles. Change your usual evening routine and drag him into the bedroom before showering and brushing his teeth. Every little thing refreshes sex!

7 Know yourself

And don’t get caught up in everything. Don’t offer a role play that doesn’t turn you on. Think about what makes you happy and act on it.

8 Think About Yourself

It’s hard to improve your sex life if you don’t consider yourself attractive. Do things that will help you love yourself more. Maybe it’s a vacation with friends or a pool? Taking care of yourself will help you feel more attractive and worthy of the best, so all this will manifest itself in bed.

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