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In English, there is one catch phrase for jealousy. It sounds like a green-eyed monster. Indeed, a person infected with jealousy turns into a monster who ceases to adequately perceive reality and injure the souls of others. If a woman is ruled by emotions, she can do a lot of stupid things – prick with words, destroy a family, cheat on her husband. Relationship psychology and experts advise a woman to learn to control her emotions as quickly as possible in order not to make serious mistakes.

Where does jealousy come from?

The reason for jealousy is most often not external circumstances, but internal factors. Negative feelings first manifest themselves in childhood. For example, a friend came to my mother and carried her away with a conversation. The child is trying to get the attention of the mother. At first, requests and appeals come into play. Then innocent pranks. After serious misconduct. As a result, the mother punishes the child and he still receives the necessary attention. Although not in the form in which we would like initially. It follows from this that every being needs love, energy and attention. Without getting it in childhood, it will be difficult for a person to build their relationships in the future. A woman can become like a baby and begin to receive attention through tantrums and scenes of jealousy.

The psychology of relationships claims that most often jealousy appears in cases where the wrong foundation was initially laid in them. Where there is true love, partners want to give to each other, not to take. If a woman uses a man to feel wanted or needed, she will react sharply to his absence.

How to deal with jealousy?

In any case, negative emotions can be dealt with. And the sooner the better. If a young girl is forgiven for whims and checking a guy’s phone, then a married lady should arm herself with wisdom. How to do it?

  • The first step is to recognize the problem and accept it. The second step is to be willing to fight jealousy for the good of your marriage. 
  • Try not to do anything on emotions. The husband was late, and you are already getting scissors from the drawer to cut his shirts? Count to ten quickly. Did not help? Up to a hundred. Did not help? Go shopping or visit friends! You can eat cake or drink wine. Just don’t go to extremes. And then from a jealous wife turn into a fat alcoholic.
  • Realize that your man belongs to you. And you can keep it with respect, understanding, compliments. Appreciate him and he won’t go anywhere.
  • Get busy. Maybe you are jealous simply because you have nothing to do? Wouldn’t it be better to sign up for a cooking class, a gym, or go to a spa?

Remember that the foundation of a relationship is trust. And the less you know, the better you sleep.

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