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Shopaholic – a sentence?


Legends and anecdotes dedicated to the indestructible female love for making numerous and often meaningless purchases are second in popularity, probably, only to jokes about blondes and stories about mothers-in-law. And meanwhile, girls, in whose life shopaholism has entered and is not going to leave, often suffer from this misfortune themselves and dream of getting rid of it. Is this possible or is the diagnosis of a shopaholic a verdict?

The answer to the question asked is positive. But it should be understood that the manic passion for shopping is an addiction, and it is very difficult to get rid of any addiction. And to do this, you have to resort to strict restrictions. Moreover, it is necessary to exclude as much as possible the possibility of returning to this habit, because one breakdown can lead to the fact that the fight against shopaholism will become much more complicated.

What people habitually call shoppingism has a completely official name – oniomania, or a passion for thoughtless spending of money. This problem has been considered by leading psychiatrists, there is still debate about whether it is considered a health disorder or not.

The fight against this addiction can be divided into two stages, which must proceed simultaneously: the elimination of the true causes and external manifestations. The second stage involves all possible measures related to limiting the possibilities of visiting stores, as well as spending money. You can not name one optimal way, you need to connect all the methods that only come to your mind. So, the way out can be the maximum saturation of your time with various exciting things, so that there is literally not a second left to visit stores. But these should be really interesting and important events for you.

In addition, get busy writing plans – what, when, why and how much you need to buy. Let it be long-term instructions – if you do turn into a store, try to force yourself to pull out this sheet and look through it. This way you will get the thing you really need, and focusing on studying the list will reduce the likelihood of losing control.

Ask loved ones to call you at regular intervals and ask where you are. The need to tell off and the feeling of shame, embarrassment – all this will fill your shopping with negative emotions that can outweigh the positive ones.

Visualize your spending. Exactly spending, not buying. Keep all receipts, write down everyday expenses. The more detailed you write them down, the better.

At the same time, try to find the true causes of your mania. They may be different, but among the most popular there is a lack of attention. Try to realize whose care you need, talk to this person. Another reason is very likely to be a simple adrenaline craving, in which case you can deal with shoppingism using the first method described if you find a business that will bring the same dose of adrenaline.

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