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If you are a trainee: rules of conduct


The situation is not simple, but no matter how good you feel, you will certainly have to face certain fears. As soon as you see an already established team in front of you, a lot of questions arise and a feeling of insecurity appears, which can pretty much spoil the whole working mood and completely unsettle.

What kind of psychological atmosphere prevails in the team plays quite a significant role, including for you. The golden mean is important here. You should not arrange heart-to-heart conversations and at the same time treat work as military operations. Your attitude will certainly be perceived with hostility. In order for the workplace to be comfortable, the atmosphere must be sufficiently favorable.

For old employees, the intern is Mr. X, who may be a potential danger. Your task in such a situation is to try to show all your best qualities and convince future colleagues that you are their ally, not their enemy.


Of course, you should not be appreciated for what you are wearing, but this, as a rule, only arises over time. Initially, the general impression of a person, as you know, is formed by his appearance. Even if you are used to the fact that no one pays attention to it, now is the time to think about a new image in which you will appear at your dream job.

It is best to ask in advance what the dress code is in the team. For some, a turtleneck and jeans are considered the norm, while for others, only blouses and skirts of a certain length and shape. In order not to look out of place, take care of this in advance.

Don’t talk too much

Always try to be friendly, but a little reserved. Remember that there are certain rules of behavior in society. No one will be interested in listening to too much information, except for the next gossip, and this is what you need? In any case, this will not benefit your reputation in this organization.

Follow the rules

It is important to understand that in any team there are traditions that everyone is accustomed to honor. You can’t get away from this and you will have to get used to the fact that you need to bring a souvenir from your vacation, and bake a cake on the occasion of your birthday. The sooner you start playing by these rules, the sooner you will be treated as “one of them".

If you are a trainee: rules of conduct

Get support

Of course, work comes first, but finding a colleague who will happily tell you what’s what will never be superfluous. This will help you quickly learn about the intricacies of corporate culture. Do not be shy, gladly go to any contact. It often happens that the person you meet first becomes a true friend. It is always better to take someone’s advice than to get into an unpleasant situation when you decide, for example, to check your personal mail from your work computer.

What not to do:

• Complain, especially to superiors;

• Acute criticism and take offense at the jokes of colleagues;

• Speak negatively about past work;

• Talk about personal things;

• Behave in a vulgar or fawning manner;

• Flirt;

• Draw too much attention to yourself.

It is enough to determine how much you need this work. If you are sure of this, then at first you must strictly follow all the rules, and only in this case you will achieve well-deserved trust and respect.
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