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Interview: how to win


Just because you’ve been invited to an interview doesn’t mean you can relax. On the contrary, the most important event is yet to come. In order for the interview to be as successful as possible, it is best to prepare for it in advance and follow some rules.

Preliminary preparation. Interview form

In order for you to be aware of, or at least assume what awaits you, check with your future employer exactly how your meeting will take place. In most cases, the interview is conducted in the form of a conversation, where you will be asked both closed and open questions. An employer may ask you about almost any facts from your life. Perhaps all her spheres, including personal ones, will be affected. Most often asked about the achievements of the hobby. The employer may be interested in the books you read, sports activities, as well as various life events.

Testing is used a little less often. However, it is worth understanding that even then you are unlikely to completely avoid the conversation. Recently, they have also resorted to the business case. If this is your case, then be sure to take the time to study the services of the company.

Take an interest in the history of the company, its activities, connections and business tasks in advance.

One of the important preparatory stages is the choice of clothes for the interview. Smart casual style will be the perfect option for such an event. You can dress in office clothes, but do not overload it with a tie. Remember that in the West, large companies are gradually exempting their subordinates from the obligation to wear business suits on a daily basis. They leave only one exception – only the most important official events.

Various vests and pullovers can be perfectly combined in this case with calm trousers or dresses of soft colors. Remember that it is impossible to make a first impression twice, and that is why try to look as elegant and neat as possible at the first meeting with a potential employer. You should not strive for the avant-garde in your image. Make sure that makeup and manicure match the chosen style.

Interview: how to win

What course of action to choose

There is one rule that half ensures a positive impression of a potential employee: be polite in an interview and remember to smile.

During the interview, try not to imagine yourself being interrogated, but try to build a dialogue. So you can be more liberated in order to show your best side, and the employer will not be put in an awkward position.

During the interview, you need to behave correctly. Don’t talk too much about your former employer. It is better to remain silent than to say something unflattering in his direction, as well as in the address of former colleagues. Details like this will only put you off. Remember the elementary rules of politeness: for example, you should not interrupt your interlocutor.

Curiosity can be shown in terms of the requirements for employees in the company. It would be nice to know about the corporate culture of the company. If you wish, you can ask about the reasons for the vacancy.

A lot of questions on your part about remuneration will lead the interlocutor to the idea that you have only material motivation. It is up to the employer to ask what your financial expectations are. If such a question was not asked, most likely, the management will focus on the professional level of the employee, which means a rather large spread of salaries for the position.

Try not to embellish your skills. An experienced recruiter will definitely identify the moments in which you lied, in a practical way. And don’t forget to use a sense of humor when necessary, which can help smooth out the rough edges.

Try to perceive the upcoming interview as a story about yourself, where there can be no wrong answers, and you will definitely succeed.
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