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Rules of conduct for a bride at a bachelorette party


Are you getting married? Congratulations!

But in addition to the celebration, another event awaits you ahead – a bachelorette party. Despite the fact that only girls gather here, there is every chance of upsetting the wedding. To prevent this from happening, you must follow special rules of conduct.

Here is a list of things to do at a bachelorette party:

1. You can approach organizational issues and payment in several ways: chip in with your girlfriends or take all the expenses on yourself. Or you can ask your friends to organize and pay for a bachelorette party on their own, as a small gift to you. But as a rule, this number takes place infrequently and you will have to pay compensation for the loss of freedom.

2. Order a limousine and take a walk around the city at night. Just don’t forget to climb out the hatch and shout something at the top of your lungs. Don’t be afraid, it’s forgivable for you today.

3. Engage in creative confectionery, for example, cook a “potato" cake … in the form of a manhood (one large or several small ones), and then eat it all, as fantasy tells.

4. Fortune telling using coffee grounds or some book. It is unlikely that you will have time for such nonsense.

5. Put on a CD with a wedding comedy and shed a tear in the most romantic moments.

6. Have a stomach feast.

7. Turn off the phone as soon as the last invitee comes to the celebration. So that no one distracts from such an important matter.

8. Arrange a breathtaking photo shoot, for example, in pajamas. And you can in the costume of Eva. Only if you invited a stripper – do not let him into the frame, otherwise the matter will end badly.

Rules of conduct for a bride at a bachelorette party

9. To do different crazy things, for example, go to an amusement park and take a ride on one where you have never set foot before. Just don’t take it at face value if someone offers to change your drunken image, otherwise you risk waking up bald and with makeup from felt-tip pens in the morning – that will be a real present for the groom.

Rules of conduct for a bride at a bachelorette party

10. Climb with the groom on social networks, look at how he spent the bachelor party and forgive for inappropriate photos. Yours probably won’t be any better.

11. Gossip with grandmothers at the entrance. You also need to make them happy about your imminent marriage with an ideal man, and give them food for gossip.

Is everything clear with this?

Let’s start with what you can not do on a bachelorette party:

1. You should not arrange a bachelorette party on the eve or the day before the wedding – you can “work up” so much that you will not have the strength not only for the wedding night, but also for the wedding itself.

2. Don’t let things drift. Girlfriends promised to organize everything on their own? Great, just put forward your requirements and paint an example scenario. Girlfriends with joy can come up with a lot of things.

3. Start the holiday by viewing photo albums. You invited everyone to have fun and treat yourself to delicacies, and not to look at photographs.

4. The issue of ordering a stripper is a purely personal decision of the bride. But at the same time, check the information before he appears at the party. And then a guy will come to entertain the bride … his friend. It’s not good somehow.

5 Take pictures next to a stripper. Comments are superfluous.

Rules of conduct for a bride at a bachelorette party

6. Invite the groom’s sister to a bachelorette party, despite your excellent sister-friendship. There are few things you will do – he will tell you in detail. Do you need it?

7. Do not discuss the groom. Especially if you decide to still invite his sister. Why? See above.

8. Put on and show off your wedding dress. There are a lot of envious people, and it’s easy to tear or get dirty.

9. Repeat for the thousandth time that you will get married. Everyone already knows, or do you want to break the record for importunity?

10. Your two girlfriends have not shared something and are arguing among themselves? This fact should not be ignored. Better come up and defuse the situation by dragging dancing or walking.

11. Constantly call your lover to express your feelings and longing for him. He is not up to you now. And even more so, you should not tell all the details of your party.

By following all the rules of the bride at the bachelorette party, you can leave great memories of the event and not put the wedding in jeopardy.

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