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How to behave at a New Year’s corporate party


New Year’s corporate parties at many enterprises have long become a good tradition. In order for a festive party with colleagues to go off with a bang and subsequently not have to blush, it is worth considering some of the nuances.

1 The outfit should fit into the situation

If a feast is planned in the office, it is better to choose a strict style by adding a couple of bright accessories to the image. Agree, surrounded by numerous office equipment, a deep-necked dress looks extremely inappropriate. But weekend shoes, cosmetics and perfumes are worth capturing. When it’s time to set the table, you will have time to change clothes and put on a marathon. It is even better if some leader comes up with an active event like a laser tag. Once we celebrated the New Year with the whole office in the quest room. We were in carnival costumes, artificial snow was working, we were in a virtual fairy tale (approx. it was in Kyiv, if you are interested, then look here). If the gathering of guests is planned in a restaurant, you can afford a brighter suit. Dress up festively, but not vulgarly!

2 Small talk only

After a busy day, everyone dreams of relaxing and distracting from production topics. Therefore, you should not touch on work issues, but only talk about abstract topics like nature, weather, or plans for the weekend. Of course, you should not go to the boss with rational offers or hints of a promotion.

How to behave at a New Year's corporate party

3 Corporate is not a place for revelations

Usually, by the end of the party, it begins to seem that all people are brothers! And to whom to tell about personal problems, as a non-native person? And now you are already telling the story of your life, colorfully describing those details that you should have kept silent about. It is better to refrain from such sentimental conversations. Meeting in a few days at work, you will understand the inappropriateness of your confessions.

In addition, one should be especially careful in words and actions in dealing with management. Even if your formidable chef at the holiday party will dress up as Santa Claus, do not forget about the hierarchy! Completely exclude familiarity and familiarity – they are out of place even at a merry New Year’s table!

4 Have fun but don’t rage

Of course, not a single feast, and even more so New Year’s, will not do without strong drinks. No one advises to deviate from tradition, but it won’t hurt anyone to be careful and know when to stop, especially considering that a corporate party is still an official event. Two or three glasses of wine is enough to relax and behave naturally.

How to behave at a New Year's corporate party

5 Communication is the main value

You should not sit in the corner all evening and watch the fun from the sidelines. Corporate parties are just created in order to get to know colleagues better. Be ready to make a toast or propose an interesting contest. However, you should not do things that are unusual for you in an effort to present yourself in the best possible way. For example, if you do not like to participate in contests, it is not at all necessary to succumb to persuasion and do something that you are not used to or do not know how to do. It is better to carefully observe what is happening and applaud heartily! You won’t get any awards for this.
Careerism is the unprincipled (according to some) pursuit of personal success in any activity.

The Hungarian psychologist, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst L. Szondi, based on the results of his research, wrote that an obsessive desire to make a career may be the result of an attempt to forget a psychotrauma. Such a person moves away from solving personal problems, focusing on professional activities with the goal of career growth. The resulting psychotrauma changes the moral and ethical principles of the individual. Upon reaching the desired goal, such a person may experience an incomplete traumatic depression.[1]

A personal career plan is a personal “navigator" for a person building his career, describing goals (long-, medium-, short-term) and ways to achieve, based on personal mission, values ​​​​and desired lifestyle (see example in the links section).

There is a view of career advancement as an achievement of human or professional incompetence called the Peter principle.

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