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Do you want to add variety to your sex life? Just change the usual time of having sex. It seems to be so simple, but most couples are so accustomed to evening bed comforts that morning sex causes them an incomprehensible rejection. Meanwhile, sexologists unanimously talk about the benefits of sex in the morning. 

morning sex

In this article, we will simply list the arguments that can be made against morning lovemaking and the arguments in their defense, however, it is naturally up to you to decide whether you will practice such sex.

Morning sex: cons

We don’t look too good every morning, and our breath may not smell too good either. Such unaesthetics can be embarrassing, making it difficult to relax and enjoy.

It’s lazy to move in the morning. For some people, the body wakes up very slowly, it is difficult for them to feel anything when they are awake.

Rush due to lack of time in the morning. You need to have time to get ready for work, eat breakfast, washed down with aromatic coffee. It’s hard to relax and enjoy when every minute counts.

And, finally, a scientifically based argument – the sexual hours for men and women do not coincide somewhat, and if in the evenings they can still catch some kind of balance, then in the morning it is extremely difficult to do this. The fact is that the peak concentration of testosterone in male blood falls at 7 am, while the female libido is still sleeping at this time, “waking up" only in the evening. However, as scientists say, with age, this difference is smoothed out.

But be that as it may, the advantages of morning sex outweigh its disadvantages, in connection with which sexologists with psychotherapists urge men and women to at least sometimes love each other after a night’s rest. They claim that making love in the morning, you can prolong your youth, improve your health and effectively deal with stress!

Morning sex: the pros

The benefit of morning sex lies in its similarity with morning exercises. In its process, all the muscles of our body are involved, especially the buttocks, thighs and abdominals. It is very easy to master sex gymnastics, nature itself has laid in us these simple movements that help to become slimmer no less than sophisticated fitness programs. 

Sex in the morning is a kind of massage for the internal organ systems, stimulating their work. Blood "more fun" runs through the veins, more oxygen enters the lungs, the condition of blood vessels and respiratory organs improves. As a result, the risk of heart disease is reduced, and blood pressure is normalized. In addition, with its help you can forget about migraines.

The fair sex, who choose sex in the morning, rarely experience depression, and their partners hardly suffer from stress.

A rested body after a night’s sleep is able to react more vividly to the caresses of a partner, which promises to receive long-lasting enchanting orgasms.

Thanks to a night’s rest in the morning, we are full of strength, but by night, many have no strength left for sex, because after a hard day, fatigue piles up, discouraging any desire for sexual exploits.

Having sex in the morning, both a man and a woman receive a powerful energy charge, which is enough for the whole day. By the way, drawing a good mood in the morning lovemaking, you thereby strengthen your relationship.

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