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Restaurants, apartments and a travel agency: what will Belmondo’s mistress and grandchildren share


The actor boasts a rich inheritance

On September 6, the world lost the legend of world cinema Jean-Paul Belmondo. The great actor played his best roles in cult films that ended up in the golden fund of the world film fund. Huge popularity, charisma and attractive appearance attracted an incredible number of women to the star, and even after the breakup, the artist managed to maintain good relations with his ex. Leaving behind not only a cultural, but also a completely material legacy, the actor unwittingly provoked a real stir around his property, while Belmondo himself had not even managed to be buried at that time.

big french family

Jean-Paul was married twice, the actor had four children, but the eldest daughter Patricia died in a fire. To date, the actor has three children and six grandchildren. It would seem that the inheritance can be evenly distributed among the native stars, but not everything is so simple – in recent years, the artist has renewed relations with his former mistress, model Maria Carlos Sotomayor. Jean-Paul started an affair with a girl back in 1980, their relationship then lasted seven years. Although Sotomayor was not the only mistress of the star, it is she who poses the greatest "threat" to the artist’s native heirs.

Restaurants, apartments and a travel agency: what will Belmondo's mistress and grandchildren share

Apartments and chic restaurants

Despite his age, Belmondo actively moved around the world and arranged creative evenings for a grateful audience, not intending to stay in one place for a long time, and only in recent years did the artist prefer to spend his days in his luxurious apartment in the seventh arrondissement of Paris. The apartments with a view of the Eiffel Tower are located in the heart of the city. When it was impossible to be in Paris due to the heat, the actor and his whole family moved to the suburbs, where the star had his own mansion, for which the battle of heirs would also unfold.

Belmondo was not only an excellent actor, but also a good entrepreneur. So, the artist became a co-owner of a restaurant where they cook, perhaps, the best Italian dishes in the whole city. In addition, the artist owned several travel companies, from where he received his percentage until the end of his life. And, of course, the pearl of the actor’s business was his own film studio. The actor did not choose the name of the studio for long – the grandmother’s beautiful surname was just perfect for a capacious and memorable name.

The farewell ceremony with Belmondo was held on 9 September. The ceremony was attended not only by relatives and friends of the actor, but also by French President Emmanuel Macron himself and Hollywood actress Marion Cotillard. The funeral of the star took place on September 10. It is known that Belmondo will be cremated.

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