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Unfortunately, many women think that they already know everything about sex and will not learn anything new. Why "Unfortunately? Because such representatives of the fair sex stop there, without studying or trying anything new, although, in fact, their sex life is quite monotonous.

As a rule, everyone studies sexual relations in their own practice. Girls, having elementary knowledge about sex, begin sexual life and are very often disappointed in their first sexual contacts. This is not surprising, because guys, most often, are just as young and inexperienced, they only know about sex what they saw in the movies. What is the pleasure and experience from such sources of knowledge?

The trouble is that the first sexual experience leaves an imprint on the rest of your sex life. If you are satisfied with your first intercourse, then either you were very knowledgeable about sex, or your partner, or you were just very lucky. As practice shows, women can very rarely achieve orgasm during the first sexual intercourse. After all, the first intercourse is often rude or careless. Everything comes with time.


No one argues that we learn from our mistakes and gain experience over time, but in intimate life it is simply necessary to have a good base of theoretical knowledge that can be applied in practice. If a woman knows little about sex and her partner is just as inexperienced, then their sex life will be boring and both partners will be unhappy with it. Sex is of great importance in the life of every person. Who would not say anything, but the mood of life in all its other manifestations depends on the sexual life. If a person is not satisfied with his sex, then he will be gloomy and dissatisfied with everything in life. Marriage depends, to a greater extent, on the quality of the intimate life of the spouses. A woman is embarrassed to tell her husband that she does not experience pleasure with him, but in vain. Over time, sexual relations begin to interest her less,

Fortunately or not, a man always achieves orgasm. If he is selfish, then the emu does not care whether the woman experienced pleasure or not. Therefore, the partner herself must lead her own happiness.

Men often discuss in their circle their sexual possibilities, the number of partners and orgasms in one night, but most often these are just exaggerations. As surveys show, there are not so many healthy men in terms of sexopathology. The sexual possibilities of modern men are not great. Unfortunately, this affects the sex life of women, because many of them have never had an orgasm during intercourse, although they do not have any pathologies and are not frigid. It’s all the man’s fault. He either has sexual dysfunctions (weak erection, premature ejaculation) or is not savvy in the basics of sexual relations, and therefore cannot get a woman. Sexual satisfaction of a woman is completely dependent on a man.


Another reason for dissatisfaction in sex is morality. Each couple designates for themselves the range of permissibility in sexual relations. As a rule, this leads to the fact that sex becomes boring and monotonous. There was no sex in the Soviet Union, and now many caresses are “banned". Very often, if for one of the partners a certain affection is considered quite acceptable, then for the other it is a perversion, and sexual dissatisfaction is generated. This is a huge problem. Of course, we do not mean perversions that are suitable only for a few. It’s just that for many, oral sex is an unacceptable immorality. But in fact, oral sex is the most pleasant stimulation and is widely practiced by many partners.

If all males and females knew what normal full sex should be, then there would be no unsatisfied women or there would be fewer of them.

This issue must be taken seriously, because the young years will pass, and then you will regret that you did not try your secret desires in practice. Statistical surveys show that many women of mature age regret that they did not know sexual techniques and even now would like to try something new, but either their husband is gone or he has become indifferent to sex. Therefore, see that in the future you do not regret the lost hopes. If something does not suit you in your personal life, try to fix it already, then it will be too late.


Men’s psychology is very different from women’s. If your man does something wrong in bed, tell him about it, show him how you would like him to do. Do not think that he himself will guess, especially if you pouted your lips and pretended to be very unhappy. Men think differently and they perceive sex life in a completely different way. For example, at an appointment with a sex therapist, healthy men most often ask the following questions: “What is the norm for the duration of sexual intercourse, the frequency of intercourse per day (week, month)?”. Men ask how to prolong sexual intercourse, excite a partner. Women are concerned about feelings, love, psychological and emotional relationships with men. How different we are, but what can you do, we must listen to each other and everything will be fine.

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