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Erogenous zones of a man

Some men do not even realize that their entire body is literally "teeming" with erogenous zones. Basically, all attention goes to the zone that is below the belt, while others simply remain in the shadows. We will tell you how to correctly, and most importantly, simply, drive a man crazy.

men love to be touched

The neck deserves special attention. Kiss him in the area under the Adam’s apple, and to enhance the result, run your tongue there, and you will see desire in his eyes (and not only). It is believed that this place is directly connected with the genitals. "Work" with the nipples. We advise you to lightly and rhythmically touch the inside of his shoulders with the pads of your fingers.

The game with an earlobe can almost be attributed to the classics of the genre. Pull his lobe down with your thumb and forefinger. Don’t limit yourself to playing with your fingers, use your tongue. The effect of satisfaction will be obvious.

The surest way to excite a man is to give him a massage. Many exciting points are on the feet. This seemingly useless part of the body in amorous affairs can really excite your chosen one.

Another zone of pleasure can be considered the back of the male knees. Everything is explained very simply – the skin there is smooth, receptive even to light touches. 

A truly special play area begins at his navel. Go down below, here the blood flows to the genitals, and therefore, even because of the most harmless touches, sexual tension will increase. Start with light play with your tongue and lips. Move to the groin, then return to the starting point and repeat the same "set of exercises" only with greater intensity.

Slowly moving your hands along the lines of the body of your chosen one, whether it be the love of your life or a stranger from the bar, you will in any case arouse desire in him. The area of ​​​​the lower and oblique abdominal muscles is a win-win male erogenous zones. Move up and down the inner thighs. Do not deprive the attention of the depressions in the area of ​​​​the legs and torso. Squeeze his buttocks. This will relax his buttocks, but will make the other place tense up. Slow but steady movements from the knees to the groin will make him nervous.

Mind is a man’s verbal pleasure zone

Now you know exactly what will set him in an intimate mood. The tactile method is, without a doubt, very good, but do not forget that words can excite no less than your "hand" work. 

Whisper something sexy in his ear, and the result will not be long in coming. Your sweet words will make the mind flutter, and the body will have no choice but to follow suit.

Don’t be afraid to play and explore his body. He will only be glad to become your "guinea pig". Fantasize! Even with the simplest movements, such as stroking his shoulders or kissing his neck, you will excite him to goosebumps. In any case, your efforts will please him, for which you will not be left without a reward.

Passion and violent sex are guaranteed!

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