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‘Gone with the Wind’ returned to HBO Max after race scandal: ‘We have to fully accept our story’


In early June, it became known that the streaming service HBO Max decided to temporarily remove the film "Gone with the Wind", based on the novel of the same name by Margaret Mitchell in 1939, from its catalog. The picture, which broadcasts racial stereotypes and prejudices, was removed from the catalog amid protests in the United States after the death of George Floyd.

Gone with the Wind recently returned to the HBO Max catalog but now comes with a special disclaimer in which University of Chicago film professor Jacqueline Stewart explains the film’s historical context. In his address to the audience, Stewart explains why the film is so important and relevant to modern audiences.

– says Jacqueline Stewart in the prologue to the film.

The cinematography professor noted that Gone with the Wind could be a useful film for many contemporary viewers. She is convinced that such classic Hollywood films can teach modern society a lot.

Stewart added that the film was not edited. According to the professor, making any changes to the original version of the picture would create a distorted view of racial discrimination:

'Gone with the Wind' returned to HBO Max after race scandal: 'We have to fully accept our story'

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