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How to return shoes under warranty


You chose for a long time, tried on, and finally bought a pair of great shoes. And so you put on a new thing for the first time, but a week passed, and the heel of the shoe broke or the nose came off. How to properly return shoes under warranty, and what to do if the seller refuses to return the money?

Shoes are seasonal items. This means that if you buy winter boots in the summer, the warranty period will begin with the beginning of the winter season, and in most regions of the country it begins on November 1st.

If the shoes become unusable during the warranty period, you, on the basis of Article 18 of the Consumer Rights Protection Law, have the right to demand from the seller a replacement for a product of the same brand or for the same product of a different brand, and the price is recalculated accordingly. You can also demand free of charge elimination of defects in the goods, a reduction in the purchase price or a refund of the amount paid for the goods.

If the shoes fell apart after the end of the warranty period, do not rush to throw them away. Open article 19 of the law "On Protection of Consumer Rights", which says: if the defects of the goods were discovered after the end of the warranty period established by the seller, but no more than two years have passed from the date of purchase, you have the right to demand that the seller fulfill all the above requirements. However, before that, you need to contact an independent examination and prove that the shoes are damaged through no fault of yours.

Very often, buyers do not return defective shoes to the store because they lost the receipt, but in vain. In this case, the law tells us that the absence of a cash or sales receipt is not a basis for refusing to satisfy the consumer’s requirements.

In order to correctly return low-quality shoes, you need to contact the seller with a claim, which is drawn up in free written form and must be in two copies. You give one copy to the seller. On the second one, which remains with you, the seller is obliged to put a mark that he has received your claim. If the seller refuses to accept the claim, then it can be sent by registered mail with return receipt or by any courier service.

The seller is obliged to accept your claim. In controversial issues, an examination is carried out at the expense of the seller. If the shoes are damaged due to your fault, you pay the cost of the examination. If you do not agree, you have the right to re-examination by an independent expert, and then go to court.

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