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oral sex


That’s because the law of meanness: oral sex – affection, from which most men are crazy, causes a sharp rejection in most women. Shame, fear, disgust – that’s what many ladies experience when they hear about oral sex. By changing your attitude to this kind of caresses, you can enrich your sex life and thereby indescribably please your partner.

About oral sex

Fellatio or blowjob is the favorite sexual dessert of 99% of men. Yes, among a hundred guys there is one who is not delighted with oral sex. The reasons for this are different: basically, it is a negative experience (it hurt him) and prejudices about “these" lips, with which the wife will then kiss the children. But such situations are extremely rare, so do not rely on the fact that your man will take pleasure in this one percent.

According to statistics, most women are not enthusiastic about the prospect of giving their lover a blowjob.

Basically, they do this, succumbing to the persuasion of a partner, some ladies do "it", wanting to impress a man. About 10% of women do not accept oral sex at all, considering it a perversion. How it all started…

A negative attitude towards oral sex allows us to conclude that a person is psychosexual immature.

Fellatio is a great way to show a man how much you trust and love him. In addition, there are a number of reasons why you need to add a blowjob to your sex menu. For example, it makes it possible to “not worry” about a possible pregnancy. Oral sex also helps a man get aroused faster, but everything is good in moderation – too frequent oral satisfaction, and, moreover, replacing it with sex can weaken potency. In addition, fellatio is a kind of training for the muscles of the face and chin, helping to restore their tone.

To overcome shyness, imagine your man’s penis as a clone of him – caress him the way you do with your lover, this helps get rid of shyness.

The most sensitive area of ​​the penis is the head – you should not force yourself to move to deep caresses through force, fellatio itself should be started with circular movements of the tongue and progressive lips.

oral sex

It is very important to take care of contraception – no one is immune from the penetration of infections, moreover, there are risks of contracting papillomavirus, which leads to oral cancer, so protection, protection, and once again protection.

Oral sex is probably the answer to the question "How to bring a man to orgasm?". Therefore, after reading this article, draw the right conclusions.

Write in the comments about your attitude to oral sex.

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