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Family quarrels – how much vitality they take away, how many negative emotions and reckless actions. But life goes on, after a quarrel, the couple must save their relationship. Sometimes a conflict situation can become a driving force for development and strengthen the family. Partners are reviewing their positions, drawing conclusions on how to prevent this from happening in the future. Arguments can change people for the better.

But often there are negative consequences of conflicts. A prolonged quarrel can lead to depression in one of the spouses. Then the partner must do everything possible and not possible to get the loved one out of the depressed state after a quarrel. This can be done using a range of activities.

Hear and understand your partner.


In the first place, of course, there will be psychological support. If the situation is tense to the limit, if the partner does not have any strength to endure all this, come to his aid. Try to hear it. Sometimes a person simply screams about his problems, and his beloved wife (husband) is busy with himself and does not want to hear anything.

Second – try to understand the other side, put yourself in this place. If you still can’t understand, then don’t be shy and ask about everything, talk frankly. Accept what happened as something you can’t change. For example, the onset of a winter blizzard or autumn bad weather. You don’t like it, but you have to put up with it. In the end, everything will pass and the sun will shine again. Only after you finally figured everything out, let’s evaluate the events. And even more so, make a concrete decision.

Depression as a lifestyle.


People who lead a sedentary lifestyle are more likely to be depressed. It is difficult to be depressed for those who spin from morning to night, like a squirrel in a wheel. If almost every minute there are interesting events, meetings with friends. But the one who cannot be forced to tear himself away from the TV, who lacks positive emotions in life, depression after a quarrel will definitely catch up. But, do not rush to teach and criticize a depressed partner for this. Yes, the abuse of computer games or beer, taking on an unbearable burden of household chores do not benefit the participant in the conflict. But, you can discuss his lifestyle and correct it after you get out of the state of melancholy and sadness.

Quiet period.


Sometimes after a quarrel it is worth a little and briefly move away from each other. There is no need to demand anything, extort, and even more stupidly insist on your own. It is better not to touch your partner at all and do not strain him. Let him understand himself, think well about the past, give an assessment of the events. This will be especially useful for slow-witted people.

You should not try to get your spouse out of depression through sex. After all, this can have negative consequences. Having sex at a time when you do not want anything at all can be the beginning of sexual failure. And that will only make the depression worse. In addition to getting your spouse out of depression, you’ll have the problem of getting him out of a period of uncomfortable sex.

Don’t sacrifice yourself for your partner. If you want to go fishing, you call your wife with you, and she lies on the couch and pouts. Go yourself. Staying and walking around the apartment frowning together will not be a good way out of the situation after a quarrel. And if, nevertheless, you stayed at home, then you don’t need to remind you all day what unbearable sacrifices you are making.

Pleasant surprises.


Surprises are always pleasant. Sometimes they are able to melt the ice a little after a quarrel and bring a partner out of depression. The husband loves the Mumiy Troll group – organize a trip to their concert in another city. Alone or in a small company of those who understand you well. It will be pleasant not only to visit the concert, but also road adventures and entertainment. You can organize a trip to the sauna, to nature. Or just buy him what he had long dreamed of. Even an ordinary chocolate can show your indifference, care and readiness for a new relationship. Well, what woman can resist a bouquet of flowers, and not necessarily expensive ones. Or in front of a poster with words of love rising in balloons in front of her bedroom window.

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