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5 types of leader and how to interact with them


Everyone wants to build a relationship with their boss. Sometimes this is given quite easily, but often the subordinate has to look for possible ways, sometimes thorny ones, in order to win the heart of the leader or at least ensure minimal mutual understanding.

You probably think your boss is biased and complacent. Most likely, in your opinion, his ideas are somewhat worse than yours, and he rarely listens to his subordinates.

There is a division of the most malicious bosses, compiled by leading psychologists. Analyze what specific type your manager belongs to, and you can manage it.

True intellectual

These are, as a rule, very educated people. They love and are great at working in a team. Such a leader is guided mainly by logical thinking and common sense. At first glance, it’s perfect. But not everything is so simple. Such a leader likes to put into practice various modern theories and, in general, any new idea.

Your line of conduct in this case is work "in advance". Remember that behind any idea of ​​an intellectual there is always some theory. Your task is to study its main provisions and say something in which he will definitely agree with you. After you have done this trick several times, it will become clear to the boss that consulting with you is much more convenient and faster than diving into the study of books.

5 types of leader and how to interact with them


This person is able to throw a folder at you in anger, and in a good mood brings flowers for no reason. There is a big child in front of you. He likes that nothing and no one hindered his creative process. Your leader needs to direct his irrepressible energy in the right direction. Make him sincerely believe that all the brilliant ideas are not really yours, but his. With the right approach, you will begin to manage your boss, and not vice versa. It is important to understand that this is a child and should be treated accordingly.


Such people at work are robots. If you saw a light in the window, it’s too early to rejoice. This is the work of the Ascetic. He does not know what sick leave is and does not understand where his subordinates constantly ask for leave. This type of leader works for a long time and most often does not have a personal life. In order to earn the favor of such a leader, you need to let him know that you are always on his side. Try to linger with him, and also let him know that you admire his success in work.

5 types of leader and how to interact with them


The boss considers himself a real emperor. And all his subordinates are exclusively subjects. Such a person will never listen to your advice. The main way to at least somehow establish himself in his eyes is to fawn and flatter. This is not very pleasant, but when you enter his "retinue", you will have much more rights.


Perhaps this is the most unpleasant type of boss. This is expressed in the fact that someone always stands in front of his office and drinks valerian. It’s really hard with a leader like that. The only way, if you have already decided to stay, is to endure tirelessly. Remember that your, even the best ideas, will be criticized by him at the beginning, but over time, you may receive his share of well-deserved trust.
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