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How to overcome the fear of being fired


The fear of being fired is one of the five most common phobias of modern man. And it’s good if this fear just makes you work better, but more often it turns into a source of constant stress, and this needs to be dealt with.

It is scary to be unemployed – how then to pay rent, a loan, what to buy groceries with? If these thoughts keep you awake at night, don’t try to chase them away: they will come back anyway. Learn to work with your fears to defeat them, or at least strike a truce.

Without fear and reproach

The very first thing you need to do is to assess how your fears are justified. As practice shows, employees are fired mainly for three reasons: either they do not cope with their duties, or they are in conflict with colleagues and superiors, or they seriously violate labor discipline.

Therefore, if you are used to leaving early for a lunch break, do not consider it shameful to be rude to an annoying client, or like to gossip about your boss’s hairstyle, then urgently get rid of these bad habits. You will see that the realization that you have no sins will add to your confidence in the future. True, in our life there are still unpleasant reasons for dismissal – downsizing or closing a company. What to do if you are afraid of such a turn of events?

Let’s keep calm!

If you are the main (or even the only) breadwinner in the family and you have no one to rely on, then right now, for your own peace of mind, start saving for a rainy day. Keep monthly savings on a separate bank card and never take this card with you so that there is no temptation to withdraw money from it.

Are you spending your entire paycheck and can’t save anything? Once again, review all items of expenditure – you will surely find what your family can save on. For example, you will be surprised how much you can save on utilities if you put water meters on, teach your family to take a five-minute shower instead of splashing for half an hour, put in energy-saving light bulbs, and get into the habit of turning off the lights when you leave the room.

Negative experience

Are there many negative examples around? Have your friends or acquaintances been unable to find a job for a very long time due to a reduction in their previous job? To begin with, remember: someone else’s experience is called “alien" because it has nothing to do with you. If a friend watches TV shows all day long, goes to one interview a week and then is surprised that she hasn’t been able to find a job for a month, then this is her problem. You will act differently!

If you want to be sure that a possible reduction will not be a disaster for you, then do not wait for the weather by the sea – act! Regularly check jobs on job sites, read the "Jobs for You" section in local newspapers, go to job interviews just to practice. This will help you reduce your anxiety levels and, who knows, maybe despite your age or education, you will find a better position, a higher salary, and a more friendly team.

High competition

How to find a job in conditions of fierce competition, when 20 people apply for one place? There is only one cure – constant self-improvement. Think about what could be a competitive advantage in your industry. Look in the department of business literature, read books on your specialty. Look for seminars, master classes, refresher courses. If in your small village you can only dream of professional seminars, then try to switch to “you” with the Internet – you can find free webinars (online seminars) and video lectures there.

And one more piece of advice – be sure to discuss what you see, hear and read at work. This is how you earn a reputation as a smart, engaged, advanced employee. And if hard times come, and your boss has to draw up “shooting” lists for reduction, your last name will definitely not be there.
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