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How to return boots to the store


Buying shoes is a responsible step. After all, not only the beauty of your costume depends on the quality of the boots, but also the health of your feet. Basically, the law gives you the option to return shoes to the store if they don’t meet quality requirements. How to do it?

First you need to understand whether you have the right to return the shoes you want to the store. By law, you can return your shoes within fourteen days of making a purchase if the size doesn’t fit or you just don’t like the shoes. However, it must not show signs of wear and must be returned in its original packaging.

For substandard products, there are other restrictions. Each pair of shoes has a warranty period depending on the material from which it is made and its design features. And if during this period the skin began to crack, and the sole peeled off, you have every right to return the shoes to the store. At the same time, the warranty period begins to count not from the moment of purchase, but from the time you have to start wearing this wardrobe item. The implication is that you won’t be wearing winter boots in July, even if you bought them that month. Therefore, the warranty period for such boots will be counted from the first month of winter of the year when the purchase was made.

There is one more detail here. Far from all regions of the country, winter begins strictly on the first of December. For example, in the regions of Southern Siberia, the winter season is officially considered the period from November 1 to April 1. In the Arctic latitudes, this period will be even longer. Check with your local Consumer Protection Office for official dates for the different seasons in your area.

If the shoes you want to return meet the requirements, take them to the store, preferably along with the box and receipt. In the absence of a purchase document, you will need to prove the fact of its completion. To do this, you can find a witness to your purchase of a pair of shoes in a particular store.

Contact the seller or cashier and let them know that you want to return the purchase. You have the right to receive either a similar product or money. The choice is yours, and store employees can only refuse you if the same pair of shoes is no longer on sale. In this case, you can get your money back.

If the seller refuses to make an exchange, contact the administrator or director of the store. State to him the essence of your claims. In most cases, your problem will be solved by replacing the wrong pair of shoes. If even the management does not meet your needs, file a complaint with Rospotrebnadzor or the Consumer Rights Protection Service. They will tell you how to act correctly.

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