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Winter after summer: how a sudden change in climate affects the body


Hot exotic countries are popular tourist routes in the winter season. If you have not yet "checked in" in Thailand or Egypt, you are the exception rather than the rule among the traveling brethren. But do not rush to be upset because you have not been there yet. Perhaps, in doing so, you saved your health.

It is proved that acclimatization proceeds in a period of five to seven days. If you travel on a package tour to a hot country for only seven days, then your body, on the contrary, gets a lot of stress during the desired vacation. It turns out that a person, having not yet had time to get used to the climate and undergo acclimatization in a new place, is forced to return back – and his body is already shaken by reacclimatization, and he receives a double negative load.

Given this, the most optimal is a vacation lasting 21 or 24 days. At the same time, it will be great if, upon returning home, you have a few days left to adapt.

If you have recently had an illness (from the common cold to gastritis) or surgery, do not expose your body to the stress of climate change. When the climate zone changes, your health may worsen.

In the event that you are expecting a child, you should also not drastically change the climate.

There are also age restrictions: children under 3 years old, and adults over 45 years old are not recommended to move abruptly from winter to summer. This advice is especially important for women during menopause.

If you have chronic diseases, do not rush to rest in hot countries. This applies primarily to people suffering from cardiovascular, broncho-pulmonary and allergic diseases, as well as pathologies of the musculoskeletal system and psycho-emotional disorders. Considering that the age of these diseases has become much younger, then, perhaps, the advice to consult a doctor may apply to all tourists from 20 years old. In addition, the doctor can advise you on a holiday home or a boarding house that operates in a certain climate that is useful for you.

When planning a vacation, think about how many steps you change time zones. Doctors believe that the body begins to experience stress already when crossing one time zone, and crossing two time zones, especially at a fast pace, is already a real health hazard. If you do need to travel from one time zone to another, do so by train rather than by plane if possible.

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