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Professional burnout: what’s next?


If a week ago you were eager to work and were already trembling with impatience, but today you can’t think about your office without disgust, then something has happened in your professional life. If earlier you liked to work, and you tried to prove yourself to the fullest, and today even a small assignment from the management makes you wince in annoyance – listen to yourself. It is possible that you have professional burnout.

The essence of professional burnout

Psychologists say that this phenomenon among workers is increasingly spreading. Moreover, professional burnout can be felt by any person, regardless of what activity he is engaged in and in what area he works. Despite the fact that women are much more stress-resistant than men, they too can experience the effects of professional burnout. And often for them this fact turns out to be too serious, capable of greatly affecting life.

The problem of professional burnout is complex. Here our internal reserves, interests, emotions and so on are involved. Very often, a woman can gradually begin to feel that she is experiencing severe exhaustion on a physical level. Fatigue and indifference are the main symptoms of professional burnout. Along with them, irritability comes, relationships with colleagues begin to deteriorate, you can catch yourself thinking that you are ready to be rude to customers and management. And the worst thing is that a woman feels incompetent in many professional matters that were previously not difficult for her.

Symptoms of professional burnout

Finding out that you are developing professional burnout is both easy and difficult at the same time. The difficulty lies in the fact that a woman often does not want to admit to herself and others that her career prospects are collapsing. Agree, it’s a shame to suddenly realize that everything you aspired to, somehow imperceptibly for you, begins to disintegrate into molecules. Men are much lighter and more maneuverable in this regard, they can quickly orient their intentions and know how to change direction even at the sharpest turn. As for women, most of them begin to worry about their future and get lost in the present.

How do you know that you are in the grip of professional burnout? There are several salient features that can be listed:

• Constant feeling of inner fatigue;
• Loss of the meaning of further existence;
• Incomprehensible drowsiness;
• Boredom during the working day;
• Irritability over trifles;
• Indifference to the affairs of the team and work in general;
• Absent-mindedness and lack of attention during the execution of the next task;
• Health problems, in particular headaches and exhaustion;
• Excessive touchiness.

Way out of professional burnout

If you have the above symptoms, then you should not grab the pills. Rather, the means prescribed by a specialist can partially put your nervous system in order, but they will not solve the problem. It is best to analyze your behavior in terms of your professional activities. Are you still interested in your work? Do you want to continue working in your field? The difficulties can disappear if you take a vacation and change the scenery for a while?

If you answered negatively to all of these questions, it’s bad. Or maybe not as bad as you currently think. After all, professional burnout has another side – it allows you to really change your life and, perhaps, bring success in something else.

Having decided on changes, each woman acts in her own way. Someone decides to find a job in a completely new field. Someone is going to settle down at home and devote at least a few years to the family. Well, someone finds himself in creativity and becomes a free artist – this is also an interesting option, and it is worth considering. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to change!
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