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Common mistakes when writing a resume


A resume is the first thing an employer encounters when meeting their potential employee. It is the resume that is the key factor in deciding whether to invite the applicant for an interview. To a greater extent, the first impression of the candidate will also depend on the resume, and based on the text of the resume, questions will be formed for him. And finally, the likelihood of making a positive decision to some extent will also depend on a well-written resume. Therefore, it is very important to approach thoroughly and responsibly when compiling your resume.

The structure and appearance of the resume

The main mistakes in compiling a resume are its large volumes and an overabundance of information about the candidate. In any case, systematic is important. For ease of perception, the summary must be structured – divided into several main parts. A summary in the form of a table is allowed. One of the important points is the length of the resume: it is believed that a good resume should be limited to one sheet of printed text. There is no need to overuse fonts, however, bolding or italicizing the headings of the main parts of the resume is acceptable.


A resume with solid text and no headings inside it will be erroneous. The employer must understand exactly what position the applicant is applying for, so the resume should be titled. The following headings are allowed – resume, resume for the vacancy of the administrator, resume for the position of manager, resume for the position of accountant. Each block of information should also have a title. For example, the candidate’s personal details, educational background, work experience, key skills, and additional information.


Having a photo of a candidate on a resume is a big advantage over anonymized resumes. There are several important requirements for photography. Firstly, it should not be large format, you can place such a photo in the upper right or left corner of the resume, but not in the center. In size, it should not exceed a third of the entire resume. An informal photo will be a big mistake, so the applicant must have a strict look and business attire in the picture. There should not be strangers in the photo. The background is better to choose a neutral one. From the attached photo, the employer can draw important conclusions about a potential employee, so its choice must be taken seriously.

Personal data

In order to avoid unnecessary questions and clarifications, it is recommended to indicate the most detailed personal data that may be of interest to the employer. It is better to indicate the name together with the patronymic, age should not be hidden. In the address line, it is enough to indicate the area of ​​u200bu200bresidence so that the employer can initially estimate the possible travel time to work. From contacts, you can specify a mobile phone and an email address. If this is necessary, then the time convenient for calls is indicated in brackets after the number. One of the first questions at the interview will be a question regarding marital status, so this must also be indicated in the personal information section, for example, married with a child, 5 years old.


In this block of the summary, errors are extremely rare. The applicant must indicate here the place of education, the year of graduation, faculty and specialty. It is allowed to indicate the presence of a diploma with honors, and, if necessary, the topic of the diploma. When passing additional training, having further education, as well as letters and certificates – all this can also be listed in this section.

Salary and working hours

The applicant can indicate the specific fee for which he is applying, only its limits, or not indicate the amount of money in his resume at all. The mistake will be too high requirements, as well as an indication of too low a level. In the latter case, the employer may agree to these conditions, although it may have been initially ready for higher pay. An unreasonably high bar may not immediately interest the employer, in which case the opportunity to even get an interview will be lost. The best would be a record of wages indicating the lower level, for example, not less than 25 thousand or from 30 and above. It is not recommended to indicate in the resume about consent to any amount, and if there are no certain limits with the fee, then you can indicate – by agreement.


It is not necessary to paint much and in all details about the previous work. Giving too much information is a big mistake when writing a resume, it makes it heavy and cluttered. It is recommended to indicate the main places of work that may influence the decision of the employer. Work experience that is not related to the desired position can be indicated at the end of the list by a simple enumeration. For example, you can simply add that while studying, he worked as a consultant in a store. Of course, this will not be related to the experience of working as a lawyer, however, the employer will have a positive impression of the applicant’s diligence and his desire to work and earn. When mentioning the main places of work, you should indicate the exact name of the company and its website, the last position, and very briefly list your job responsibilities. If the employer is interested in this, he will ask appropriate questions regarding the specified powers. But it will not be superfluous to indicate the reason for the dismissal, this question is of interest to the employer, first of all, from the resume, he will immediately be able to get the necessary answer.

key skills

The main mistakes of this section are that applicants detail all their abilities and skills. In principle, it is not necessary to do this, it is enough to indicate only the basic skills that may be useful for the particular job in question. If you have difficulty completing this section, it can be combined with the next, so you should not fill out a resume with empty information just to give it more length.

Additional Information

In this section, the candidate for an open vacancy decides for himself what to indicate about himself – skills, character traits, bad habits, hobbies and hobbies, recommendations from previous places of work or study. An error will be excessive frankness about oneself, which does not concern labor functions, emotionality, a playful form of the text, as well as the presence of grammatical or punctuation errors in it is absolutely not acceptable for a serious resume. A free form of narration or a list of the main points separated by commas is allowed. The best option would be a few words about personal qualities, for example, responsibility and attentiveness. If you wish, you can add a little about your interests, for example, about sports achievements or knowledge of several foreign languages.
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